Happy Valentine’s Day

We are ready for some LOVE!


We had so much fun making our love note boxes!
This is the follow up to my post entitled : The POWER of a Note
We hope you took the challenge to make your own love note boxes.
My kids are excited to see yours. {Me too!}
If not, it’s not too late.
Remember, use what you have around the house.
No need to buy anything, shop at home.
Be creative and have FUN together!
Link up here {scroll to end of post}
to add your love note box photos.
Happy Weekend,

The POWER of a Note

Ok, I love technology and all, but
there’s nothing like a handwritten note.
I love giving notes as well as receiving them.  It is amazing how something so easy to do, such a small gesture, can
make a difference in the lives around you.
The photo above is just one of the thousands of little post-it notes my youngest leaves me all around the house.  They always make me smile.
Right before I left to go to my blog conference in Nashville, I ran around the house with a dry erase marker and left messages (notes) for each of my children & husband on their bathroom mirrors.  It only took maybe 5 minutes.  I have been back from my trip for over a week and they still have the messages (notes) on their mirrors.  {Sorry, honey (my husband) I cleaned the bathroom today so I ended up washing your mirror.}
 Above is the little note I left on my daughter’s book.
I left this one (above) on my hubby’s closet.
I wrote the above message on my daughter’s dry erase board.  She told me she will never erase it.  I kindly told her she could if she wanted. 🙂
Are you beginning to see the power of a note?
 I wrote the above on my Son’s mirror.
This (above) is on my Son’s bedroom dry erase board.
My 7 year old likes to “borrow” my 15 year old’s cell phone and send me text messages.  I ALWAYS know it is from my youngest and not my oldest, mainly because my oldest has grown out of doing things like this.  She used to make me cards and tell me she loved me when she was younger, too.  Well, now she’s a teen and it’s not cool.  {boo hoo!}
I believe it is important to leave notes to your family members.  And not just for special occasions.  Sometimes, I think it means more to them when it is “just because.” It shows them you care.  It’s a small act of kindness that brings a whole lot of JOY. 🙂
  • Make a Love Note box.
  • It doesn’t have to be fancy. Make it into a fun craft time & decorate an old shoe box, wooden box, etc.  Don’t make it difficult.  Use the tools you already have at home.
  • After you make yours, post a photo of them on your blog & come post your link at the end of this post via inlinkz.  Just click on the add your link button.  {I’m excited to be hosting my first link party!}  If you don’t have a blog, you can post a link to the photo through your favorite photo sharing website.
I will be doing this challenge with my children as well.  I have been meaning to do this for a long time now.  Since it is ‘LOVE’ season, I thought it would especially be an appropriate and fun craft time activity for our family to do together.  I will post photos of our love note boxes.  So come back and see how ours turned out.
The love notes box will be the ‘home’ for all the notes and cards you receive.  Then you can open it up, on any given day…maybe especially on a bad day, and read all the precious words.
Write a note today,

Art for my Craft Room

I stumbled upon a wonderful blog named Not JUST A Housewife. The blog’s name is genius! 😉 Not only does she have all the stuff I love like Printables, Tutorials, Crafts, Decorating, Furniture and Kid Activities, she has a beautiful blog! She has the perfect subway art for my craft room. I have been working steadily in my craft room at getting it organized and user friendly (I’ll post before and after photos later.) This will look just right in there! I just had to share the art and her blog. It has made for a smile on my face on this Tuesday morning. Thank you Stacy!

Craft ON,


is my constant goal. Not just at the beginning of a new year, ALWAYS. I believe, specifically for me, my grand scheme or purpose in this life is to live it with balance. It hasn’t come easy. I find when I do have a balance, I am much happier.

Components of a good balanced day: {no particular order}

  • Time with my Maker
  • Time for me
  • Time with my husband
  • Time with my kids
  • Time with friends
  • Time for rest/sleep
  • Time for nourishment
  • Time for work/service inside the home
  • Time for organizing

Components of a good balanced week:

  • Exercise Time
  • Creative Time
  • Service outside the home
  • Errands
  • Church Worship
  • Everything mentioned for balanced day. 🙂

I found the following picture on Flickr.com thanks to Patty Anne. I was looking for a good photo of balance scales to add to this post and came across her genius picture. This is what Patty wrote below it:


My one word resolution for the year is balance.
This year I seek balance in myself, my days, my home, my relationships, in my life.

I often feel like a high-wire act, balancing on that thin line riding a unicycle holding onto opposing priorities with a couple of people propped precariously upon my shoulders while life tosses more at me from all directions, smiling the whole time saying “I’m fine, really, I’m fine”.


I completely agree with Patty.

Work Smarter, NOT Harder,


I finished a project!!! Yippee! The ironic thing is that this project included SEWING. I HATE to sew! However I was really motivated to make some new fall pillow covers for my front porch rocking chair pillows. My very talented Mom was able to help me get my sewing machine up and running last week while she was here. {Thanks again, Mom!} She gave me instruction on the pattern and I made my first pillow cover while she was here. Today I decided I was finishing the other three covers this morning before Christmas decorating begins.

I wanted to make covers so I don’t have to buy new pillows for every season. Covers take up a lot less space! As soon as I remember & find what blog I was inspired to make the pillow covers from I will site it here. Besides, you can’t find outdoor pillows in fall colors anywhere. I like the minimal cost as well. 🙂

It feels so GOOD to complete a projecta huge accomplishment.

Looks good,

P.S.: Took the photo on manual mode…practice, practice, practice. 😉