How I Improved My Vision

Ningxia Red familybringsjoy.comI have some awesome news to share about Young Living’s product called NingXia Red.  I will first tell you in my own words what it is and why I take this product daily.

I received 2 small packets of NingXia Red in my Premium Starter Kit.  My friend who sponsored me briefly mentioned it.  I wasn’t quite sure about it, but wanted to try it out.  NingXia Red is a supplement in liquid form.  I drink 2 ounces (1/4 cup) a day. (Make sure you measure it in a glass or metal measuring cup.)  The base liquid is derived from a fruit found only in China called the wolf berry.  The wolf berry (see video at end of this post for in depth explanation) is known to have anti aging properties to it.  Since I will be celebrating my 45th birthday in September the phrase “anti aging” is like a siren song.  This supplement also has essential oils.  The combination of these ingredients makes for a happier Shan.  Now, I will tell you up front, I have not personally seen years taken off my face or body.  However, that is not necessarily what it is for.  I think of it this way…if in 10 or 20 years I look and feel like I do now, a 44 year old women…I will take it!

What I noticed when I took my 2 days worth from my kit was something I didn’t expect.  I felt balanced and a better sense of well being.  I noticed a huge difference on the days after I did not take it.  Oh the taste…you might be wondering about that.  Have you ever had pomegranate juice?  It tastes similar to that, but with a little more of a berry taste.  It’s not bad at all.  It basically tastes like you are drinking juice.  What I experienced by taking my kit’s 2 days worth was enough to sell me on NingXia Red.

I have been drinking this supplement, NingXia Red, every day since November.  I was talking to my friend/sponsor about it and she shared a fantastical story with me about it.  She said there was a man who took NingXia Red every day for a month.  He had cataract surgery scheduled.  He went to the surgeons office to have the cataract removed when the doctor said, “We can’t remove your cataract.”  He asked, “Why not?”  The doctor replied, “It is gone.  You no longer have a cataract.”  This man attributes this happening due to him taking NingXia Red.  I was like really?!  My friend then went on to tell me she hopes eventually to not have to wear glasses any more because of NingXia Red.  I was like, “You really think that can happen?”  She did.  Now I will tell you I was very skeptical of this.  But now I am not.  Why?  I had my yearly eye exam on Tuesday.  Guess what?  My vision prescription DECREASED!  My vision has improved!  I was completely shocked when the doctor told me this.  I thought my vision had gotten worse because I had been having trouble…my old prescription was too strong.  Of course I had to share NingXia Red with the doctor!

Here’s a graphic which might explain why NingXia Red can help your vision can get better.

Incredible Ningxia

Do you see all that beta carotene in there?  Here’s another good explanation of NingXia Red:

Benefits of Ningxia

I’m loving this product!  It is worth every penny!  Let me know if you want more information about Young Living Essential oils.  Me personal site is here.  I also have a tutorial on how you can receive Young Living’s products at whole sale prices by clicking here.

NingXia Red Brings JOY,

Pick Your Favorite Stud


My favorite jewelry staple lately has been Chloe + Isabel’s studs.  I love these studs!  The above photo shows them just a little bigger than their actual size.  They are not too big, not too small…the perfect size to compliment your style for the day.


These are a fabulous gift for all occasions.  I gave studs to many of my family members at Christmas.  Not sure what birthstone your special person has…I’ll share a secret with you.  Go to their Facebook page to see when their birthday is (if you don’t already know it.)  Some of us older folk tend to forget.  Look at the above photo to see which stone belongs to them.  Voila!  For only $22 a pair you can’t go wrong!  If you decide to purchase several pairs at a time, don’t forget all orders over $100 receive FREE SHIPPING.  Besides, there isn’t a rule that says you have to wear your birthstone.  Personally, I wear October’s Opal studs all the time and my birthstone is September’s Sapphire.  I like the opals because they go with everything!


Important reminders:

  • Jewelry is hypoallergenic, nickel free + lead safe
  • Packaged in keepsake pouches perfect for gifts
  • Branded with signature chloe + isabel’s closures
  • Lifetime Replacement Guarantee on ALL c+i pieces
  • All orders over $100 include FREE SHIPPING
  • Contact me to hold your own online or at home Pop-Up Shop to receive FREE JEWELRY

Head on over to my online boutique Jewelry Brings Joy today to purchase your studs by clicking here.

Have a sparkly day,

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happy families screenshot

I’m really enjoying this new video series titled “Happy Families.”  It’s refreshing to see what other happy families do.  What makes them happy? I thought you might like it as well! Blessings to you,

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Therapeutic Ramblings

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How Many Red Flags Does It Take? (The Very Bad Haircut)

hair salon chair

I learned recently I have been blessed with good hair stylists for the majority of my 44 years on this earth.  Some may say that is completely debatable upon perusing through pictures of me at various points in my life.  However, I can’t recall having an experience at the salon where I have to hold […]

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