Coming Off Medicine

Hi everyone.  Shan here.

IMG_1550So, I’m off my ADD medicine, Adderall XR.  It hasn’t been fun.  I realized, except for when I was pregnant with my 12 year old, I’ve been taking the medicine for 15 years.  That’s a long time.  I began to wonder how I would be able to discontinue using the medicine when I was older.  My husband says when you reach a certain age you shouldn’t take it anymore.  Besides, it was a real pain in the butt to call the doctor for a refill every month.  It really stinks that people who have ADD, people who are forgetful and procrastinators, are punished for those who don’t have ADD and abuse the medicine.  As a matter of fact, my most recent nurse practitioner I was going to, treated me like a convict.  She made me do a drug test every time I went in for a med check to make sure I was taking the medicine and not selling it.  That is despicable!  I was being charged for a test I didn’t need.  I feel the nurse practitioner is in the wrong.  I understand there are people who abuse the drugs and the system, but the practices that are in place now are to the detriment of the people who the medicine was created for.

IMG_1468Not only did I take Adderall XR every day; I also took Ambien every day.  If I didn’t take the Ambien I could not sleep.  I started pondering how taking these 2 medicines might affect me in the long run.  According to several of my psychiatrist’s in the past, it is perfectly fine to take both medicines for the rest of your life.  But how do they know that?  Maybe there have been studies done, but what if taking these medicines ended up causing me to have a brain aneurism or stroke?  I don’t know.  I just have been very happy using my Young Living essential oils.  I want to have a more wholistic approach to my health.

My decision to stop my Adderall XR (which is a stimulant) was mainly due to the fact that my nurse practitioner decided not to call me back and let me know my prescription was ready to be picked up.  Of course I had already made the decision that in my near future I was going to quit, so I seized the opportunity to do it now.

IMG_1460The first couple of weeks were awful.  I felt like a zombie.  My body was going through withdrawal.  On Memorial Day it will be 4 weeks since I stopped taking Adderall XR.  I still take my Ambien most days, but I usually only take half.  I figure I need to slowly disengage my body from medicine and I NEED a good night sleep.  I am continuing my anti-depressant for now as well.  I have to take this process one step at a time.

Unfortunately, I am beginning to have the days I remember all too well before I took Adderall.  Days where I feel like a useless piece of a person, like I’m broken and can’t do anything right.  I hate those days.  But then again I have better days.  So what am I doing to deal with my ADD now?  I am currently using my Young Living products to help me.  Problem is, if the day is busy and I am out of the house, I forget to use my products and that doesn’t help.  They only help if you use them.

Here is my daily regimen so far:

  1. Prayer – I need lots of instruction from our Heavenly Father.  He whispers love to my mind and tells me I can do this.
  2. Ningxia Nitro (Their sub title is “cognitive fitness”) – This is my best friend.  This helps give me an energy boost, yet without harsh chemicals or caffeine.  It is primarily made up of essential oils.  Most days I try to only take one in the morning.  But some days if I’m feeling like I need a little oomph in the afternoon, I will take a second one.
  3. Ningxia Red with Mineral Essence mixed in – “Because attention deficit disorder may be caused by mineral deficiencies in the diet, increasing nutrient intake and absorption of magnesium, potassium, and other trace minerals can also have a significant, beneficial effect in resolving ADD.” {Essential Oils Pocket Reference} I have written all about the other amazing benefits of taking Ningxia Red here.  Be warned, the Mineral Essence doesn’t taste super great.  I suck it up and down it anyway.
  4. OmegaGize3 – This fish oil supplement supports normal brain, heart, eye and joint health.  I’ve taken a fish oil supplement in the past and have always noticed a difference when I take it.
  5. Clarity – This oil blend is very handy.  Most of the time I just rub it on my big toe, which corresponds to your brain via Vita Flex (“virtually through the reflexes”) reflex point.  I also rub it on the tips of my last three fingers (not the pointer finger or thumb) which also correspond to your brain.
  6. Vetiver & Cedarwood – I take this combination more days than the Clarity blend.  It seems to work better.  Again, I just rub a drop on my big toe and the last three fingers.  If I am really wanting to concentrate I will sometimes rub it on my neck and behind my ears.  Be warned, you will smell like either a hardwood store or your husbands cologne.  Personally, I don’t mind the smell.  If you do mind the smell, then you can put it in a capsule and swallow it.  This way you still gain the results without the smell.  So far, no one has told me I smell like a cedar tree or complained about it.
  7. Hope & Joy – On my bad days, the ones I referred to earlier in the post where I feel “broken” I rub one drop of Hope on the bottom of my feet and rub one drop of Joy on my heart.
  8. Water – I drink lots of water.
  9. Walking & Running – I’m trying my best to get back into shape.

IMG_1564It’s a lot of work doing this wholistic approach rather than taking one pill in the morning.  I mean, I was praying, running and drinking water before I stopped taking the medicine, but this is different.  I don’t use all of these oils or supplements at the same time.  I stagger them throughout the day.  That’s why I mentioned that if I’m not home & forget to take them with me I end up not using them.  However, when I do use them, they help.  They help enough for me to spend the time to write this post.  And now you know why I haven’t been consistently writing.  Of course, it doesn’t help that my Son broke his arm and got pneumonia too.

house taken on may 16 2014 familybringsjoy.comWe still haven’t sold our house in Oklahoma.  We had a signed contract about a month ago when the man got laid off from his job.  So we are back to the proverbial square one.  We decreased the price yesterday by 10K.  Oh it makes me so sad and depressed.  I’m trying to have faith and stay strong.  It’s just so difficult some days.  The person who purchases that home is already getting such a great deal.  It’s priced well below what it’s worth and what it cost for us to build the home.  What happened to appreciation?  What happened to buying a home being an investment?  Oh I can’t write about this anymore.  Time to go rub some Hope on.

IMG_1588Oh and I’ve gained a lot of weight…crying.  Adderall speeds up your metabolism.  So now my metabolism has slowed down to where I have gained a substantial amount of weight to where I can’t wear most of my wardrobe.  It is definitely no fun shopping for clothes when you have to go up a size.  Hmmm…after writing this I’m wondering, “was it a good idea to stop taking my medicine?”  I don’t know.  Look at the difference just in my face from the photo at the beginning of this post and the photo to the right here.  At least I have a nice necklace on, right?! {Chloe + Isabel’s Multi-Strand Signature Torsade Necklace which you can find at}

Reminder: if you are interested in more information about Young Living, email me at familybringsjoy{at}gmail{dot}com or go to my Young Living website here.

I hope everyone has a blessed and safe Memorial Day Weekend.  I am incredibly grateful for those who have sacrificed their lives to protect our country.  God Bless America and our troops who protect us.

Disclaimer: Essential Oils are not a cure. They can help relieve symptoms.  Discontinuing medicine is not for everyone.  I am not recommending anyone to discontinue taking their own medicine. I am primarily sharing my experiences of what I am doing while choosing to discontinue my medicine for the treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder.

Oils bring joy,

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