Anniversary Gifts Made With Love

Who remembers the post entitled, “Love The One Your With?”

It was my 18th Wedding Anniversary post where I unveiled my master plan of showering my husband with gifts on every hour {from 9:18 AM – 4:18PM.}  I believe it was a huge success!  {Click on the title above to see more.}

Here he is with all the gifts before he opens his first one at 9:18 AM.

I used a small border stamp and wrote the time on the inside of each gift.

Above he is holding the 10:18 AM gift.

Remember, all of the gifts I gave him were homemade in some fashion except one.  Pinterest was my friend.  I found this idea in my Creative Ideas board.  It’s one of the first pins I pinned.  Framed here is everyone’s birthday in our family except the one in the middle {in white} is our anniversary date.  I planned to make one on my computer along with some of the other gifts I made.  Fortunately, the talented Andrea at A. Steed’s.Life has a list generator/form which made this project super easy {Thank you Andrea!}  I think I paid about $9 for the downloaded graphic.  After a day of making gifts, it was worth every penny to not have to make it from scratch.  I had the frames already. {which I had bought previously at Hobby Lobby}  It was as simple as download and print…voila!

You might remember why I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on these gifts…I mentioned a trip.  It’s been 7 years since we have been on a trip WITHOUT our kids.  Our anniversary gift to each other was an all-inclusive beach vacation.  Thanks to 2 of the 3 kids having camps this week and my Mom & Step Dad are watching the third…we are on that trip right now! {Believe it or not I scheduled this week’s posts before I left.}

So in celebration of our anniversary trip, I thought I would share some of the gifts I made DH for our anniversary.  I’ll make it a ‘series’ and title it Anniversary Gifts Made With Love.

Day 2: Couples Poster

Day 3: Framed With Love

Day 4: Music For Your Love

Day 5: Last 3 Gifts

Love the one your with,


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