Why You Should Leave Your Car Windows Closed

Okay everyone…this is a safety issue.

I am about to share with you a TRUE story.

Last week I was meeting DH for lunch.  He walked in the sandwich shop and right away I knew something was wrong from the look on his face.

“What’s wrong?”

“There was a snake on my car.”


“I left work and as I began driving down the road the snake’s head peeked in at me through the top of the windshield.”

“While you were driving?”

He shakes his head.

“What did you do?”

“I kept driving and it fell off the car.  I hope someone ran over it.”

During lunch we talked about how it was a good thing Hubby didn’t leave his sunroof open.  This was no small snake either.  It was a big chicken snake.  His work offers covered parking.  Underneath the covered parking are some bird nests.  Guess what the snake was after?

Here is another example of why you shouldn’t leave your windows open:

Credit: Nick Holmes

I can’t stand to have this photo on my site, {because it creeps me out!  I hate snakes!}  but if it will prevent this happening to you, I need to share.  My friend had this on her Facebook wall.

I will never leave my sunroof open again!

Protect yourself,


  1. OMG – I am freaked out by that too… I think I am going to go close the window on my vehicle right now! Thanks for the warning… I would have never thought of this!
    Stacy recently posted..You’re just a friend

  2. If I had that in my car last week, at least it could have taken care of the giant spider that made it’s way in overnight. With the windows *closed*.

    Or maybe the spider would have taken care of the snake? My guess is they would have just teamed up.
    Phil recently posted..Parenting Tips I Learned From 80s Hair Metal

  3. wow I need to let me husband see this one.
    Katie recently posted..Wordless Wednesday

  4. And this is why I live in Canada. 🙂 *gross*

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  6. I had this happen to me! A snake crawled through the wheel well of my car and got into the hinge of my door (who knew they were connected?) it popped out at me as I was getting out of the car. Loong story later, animal control got it out. Scary indeed!

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