School Clothes Shopping Trip Highlights

We skipped our state’s tax free weekend {frazzled mess usually} for school clothes shopping.  Instead, we {3 kids & I} made the 2 hour drive to the ‘city’ yesterday.  Monday is always a perfect low key day to shop at the mall.  However, school clothes shopping with 3 kids is never low key.  Nothing like last minute school shopping when school begins on Thursday.

Have to start our shopping day fully fueled.

Our favorite restaurant, Chipotle helped us do just that. ;) Best burritos ever!

After spending hours in Forever 21 with my oldest,

maybe 30 minutes at American Eagle with my Son

and another 30 minutes at Justice with my youngest, I thought we were done.

Here’s my youngest sitting down on the fitting room floor.

{Forever 21, you desperately need chairs in your fitting room}

Thank you American Eagle for having a big comfy leather chair for my Daughter & I to sit in while we waited for my Son to try on his clothes.

We were almost done…

Next was a visit to the shoe store Journey’s for 2 pairs of Vans.

Youngest tried on purple Vans first.

Apparently, we are the Vans family {except Hubby & I don’t own a pair.}

Now all three of my kids own a pair of Vans {2 raging hot pink pairs & 1 grey.}

Are they the shoe of choice for your kiddos lately?

Fortunately there were only a few minor altercations between the kids {which is HUGE!}

I gave them a budget to go by and was grateful for their desire to stick within the amount set.

All the kids were extremely appreciative of their purchases and thanked me profusely over and over again.  This made me smile and feel happy.  I want so much for my kids to appreciate and acknowledge the blessings they are given.

My youngest said, “Thank you, Mom.  I love you!”

The 2 older ones chimed in and said thank you as well.

I chuckled and remarked, “what, no I love you too?”

What better way to end our day?

Dinner at Chick-fil-A in the food court.

We enjoyed watching the music videos shown in the food court.

I was surprised to see an 80′s music video, Do You Really Want To Hurt Me by Culture Club.

The kids were gagging and saying “YES!” every time Boy George would sing, “do you really want to hurt me?”

Made me laugh and was a great end to a successful shopping trip for back to school.

Only 2 more days,


  1. Narry says:

    Hello Shan thanks for sharing your weekend experience. I enjoyed your story.

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