Putting Off the Inevitable

mammogramI’ve put it off long enough.  It’s time.

This morning I’m headed to have my first mammogram.

Yes, I’m nervous.

I’ve been told you should begin having them at age 40.  I turned 43 on Monday.  How many of us procrastinate the things we don’t want to do…or maybe I should say things that are painful?  Totally ME!

I came across a pin titled “10 Secrets to a More Bearable Mammogram.”

I wish I read this about a week ago.  Some good advice.

I sure hope you have better plans in store for you today.

Wish me luck…

Be proactive,


  1. Hope all goes well and that you have a good technician working with you. That makes all the difference. #10 on the list is what I needed to know 6 years ago — been paying a big price ever since. Hence, my procrastination continues – 🙂

  2. First off, tell the staff, it is your first mammogram, ever. Repeat to each new staff member you see. Usually they ask that and if you have any problems or concerns (aka, routine exam, or suspicious lump).
    Take reading material. Sometimes the wait can be longer. Might be the person ahead of you is being rechecked, or they found something, or it’s her first time ever. Smile. It’s contagious and reassures those around you, as well as yourself.
    My techs are always checking my pain and comfort level during the entire process. My very first tech was 60+ and the sweetest gentlest lady. She knew I was already scared stiff and reassured me the whole visit. Every tech since has complimented me on my initiative in checks, shared giggles over my reward, and so on.
    I’ve been getting checked for over 10 years now. (Unexpected 30th b-day surprise). In all that time time, I only had one painful round- they were checking the outer edge of tissue. Tech knew it it wasn’t comfy at all, and went as fast as possible to get the best shots.
    I agree that the new digital machines seem much faster and less painful than the older ones.
    Mostly, you wear a cape, are draped over a hulking machine in various “model” poses and hold your breath on command. They place your arms, turn your feet, hoist your chin and pose you “just so”, so it is really an elaborate model shoot.
    In my case, I am lumpy, and dense (gasp) in addition to “endowed”. That means I sometimes get the ultrasound in addition to the mammos. No biggie.
    Also, the caffeine did not affect the number or size of *my* lumps over time. Was purely hormones, in my case. Had enough sequential scans to prove to my Doctor that was the case and the caffeine withdrawal.
    The extra water for hydration in the days before is a good idea, though.
    Definitely, reschedule your exam after your period! You do not want it during pms, either. They understand completely.
    The biggest question after you are done is, “What is your reward for doing this for yourself?” Mine is chocolate, rich, yummy and plenty of it and applied ASAP.

    Now, my mom had her first mammogram after age 70. She said at the time it was far better than she was expecting and “heard”, so there you go. Also said it was one she could almost look forward to compared to some of her other tests and prep-work.

    And, if you have had mammograms done anywhere else in the past at a different facility, you need to let the new place know, so the older films can get to the new place for comparison.

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