LOTS of Change

“No blog worthy posts right now?” Hubby asks.

I have a list compiled of blog worthy posts, yet it’s not happening.

There was Christmas.

There was sickness.

Hopefully, I’m on the tail end of this obnoxious sinus infection.  I feel way better than I have been, just not back to normal.

The New Year…2013…what has she brought our family so far:

Let’s see…if you’ve been following me on Instagram, you are aware that during my sickness phase my Daughter had oral surgery.

after oral surgery familybringsjoy.comBoy was that a doozy!  I really should write a post about how to prepare for having your teen’s impacted wisdom teeth removed.  Ugh!  Fortunately, she has recovered and no suffering of dry socket, thank heavens! {Photos above show my Daughter with one of her BFFs who came & help nurse…THANK YOU AGAIN C!}

Two days ago, Sunday, DH was released from his volunteer calling of Bishop for our local church congregation.  He served without pay and in addition to his full time career for almost 3 years.  This is a HUGE change for our family.  The Bishop has many responsibilities as leader of the congregation.  I am grateful for his service, time, dedication and devotion to that special calling.  I am also grateful it is only for a few years.  I look forward to a new beginning for our family…more time with my husband and more time for the kids with their dad.  I took a photo of hubby & I after church to document this milestone in our lives.

released familybringsjoy.com

Last but not least, I realized I haven’t blogged about my haircut which happened 6 weeks ago.

before and after Nov29 Short Hair Collage familybringsjoy.com

I really love it!  It feels like me.  LOTS easier to do and I feel lighter. 😉 {My hair is extremely thick!} Thank you for all the kind feedback from everyone online about me going very short again.  The family was extremely shocked about my decision, but now they say I look weird when they look at photos of me before. lol  They are used to it now.  Sometimes, I look back at photos of me before and have a teensy bit of regret, but not for long.  My husband was right when he said, “it was time for a change.”  So glad he agreed.

Before I sign off, I just want to take a minute to say something.  If you read this whole post and you are not related to me, I am grateful.

I have been reevaluating my blog.  As I have mentioned in the past, I struggle from ADD & depression.  Sometimes, when I am feeling low I wonder why anyone would want to read about me who is not a good friend or family member.  Heck, I know many friends and family members who don’t visit consistently or at all.  Yet, even though you may not comment, I see you coming back here.  How?  Well, there’s this little website in the blog world called Google Analytics.  Occasionally, I go there to see what people are reading or if there are any people at all visiting.  Last year 20% of my visitors are returning visitors.  That’s you!  Thank you.  Even though I’m not always consistent with my blog writing you still return.  Thank you for caring about me and my family.  Otherwise, why else would you be coming back?  Sure, I have a few good ideas here and there, but not enough for you to check back to see those.  So, again, thank you.  I appreciate each and every one of you.  You help this silly, eccentric and sometimes lonely Momma feel as though I matter.  I know I matter to my family, at least I hope/think I do, but it’s not the same.  I am indeed grateful to know I matter to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, which is most important.  I just hope the talents He has blessed me with can help bless others lives.  YOU matter to me and to Him.  For it is through others that He meets our needs.

I appreciate YOU,


  1. Happy 2013 🙂
    Stephanie Click recently posted..What I Wore Wednesday

  2. I am so happy for you and your family and the positive changes happening already in 2013. Your haircut is darling and I know the feeling with having a ton of hair, me too!! I get mine thinned out and feel lighter just by doing that. Looking forward to an awesome 2013 and am so glad I follow you along on this journey called life!

    Blessings to you xxoo

  3. Cute haircut first off, I love it! Secondly, glad you have your hubby more for your family again. Third, I visit and don’t always comment but you know I love you and can’t wait to finally “meet” you this summer at Haven!
    ange recently posted..No More Perfect Moms! I’m ready, are you?

  4. I love reading about you and your family , as well as looking at all the pics! I admire your dedication to your hubby and children as well as the church. I don’t always comment here, or on IG (where you seem to get a lot of love!) but I am always looking… Being a very new SAHM myself, it gives me hope that it will be alright. Who knows, you may be one of the people to inspire me to blog someday! Keep writing, whenever you have time that is ;-).

  5. awesome! congrats to you and your family…you won’t know what to do, how to act now that J will be home more often 🙂 we are looking forward to hopefully seeing part if not all of your family at the end of summer! I still think about you often, even though I have zero time to read or comment much on the computer anymore. loves to you!

  6. “I have a list compiled of blog worthy posts, yet it’s not happening.” I’m right there with ya. 🙂 Just write whatever whenever – I’m still subscribed to you via Google Reader!
    Carrie @ In the sweet sunshine recently posted..Since everybody else is doing it…

  7. It was such a blessing to spend time with You, A, and K. I loved going! I’m also super grateful I was able to help you guys!! Thanks for the awesome weekend, and fun memories together!!:)
    Love ya!

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