Last Day of Anniversary Gifts Made With Love

Here we are…the last day of the Anniversary Gifts Made With Love series.

Please click here if you are just joining us to see what this is all about.

The last 3 our of 8 gifts.

Another framed photo from previously mentioned photo shoot.

The frame matches the dates poster I shared with you on Monday.

Again a family photo printed from our photo shoot.

{Reminder, he hadn’t seen these photos before}

This is another inexpensive Wal Mart frame like the one I shared with you on Wednesday.

Lastly, I gave hubby this tie I forgot to give him at Christmas.

It is a beautiful Norman Rockwell tie I purchased at a very good price at a local discount store named Walls.

Taken by my oldest Daughter

In the evening, we went on a date which included dinner and a movie.

Here we are about to go on our date.

Taken by my youngest Daughter

Taken by my Son

Notice the blue framed photo on our mantel.

So there they are, my 8 gifts for our 18 year anniversary given on the hour from 9:18 AM to 4:18 PM.  Let me tell you, he really enjoyed looking forward to opening each gift and made our day more special.  Hope this idea can inspire you to surprise your spouse with gifts on your anniversary and to do it without spending a lot of money.  Thank you for joining us this week.

Day 2: Couples Poster

Day 3: Framed With Love

Day 4: Music For Your Love

Celebrate your special day,


  1. What a great idea! My one year wedding anniversary is coming up. I might do twelve small gifts for each month we’ve been together…is that too many?

  2. Hey Shan, Excellent gift ideas!

    Your gift ideas are definitely fascinating. These gifts symbolizes love and togetherness. This is something like cherishing sweet memories spend with family or the loved ones. Even the most usual and common gift becomes romantic and memorable if it is presented in the most unusual manner. It’s really wonderful.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Janet Steward

  3. Cool ideas!

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