I CAN read fiction!

I read 4 books in a week in a half! My days of reading just non-fiction are over!…Thanks to Stephenie Meyer and her “Twilight Saga.” I have never felt this way about a book or books before. To be honest, I probably have only read one or two fiction books in the last 20 years from cover to cover. It’s an ADD thing, ya know. All I can say is that I am thankful my friends persuaded me into reading Twilight. I bought it on August 1st and finished it on August 5th (498 pages!). I was hooked! The next day I bought the other 3 books (just as many pages or more) and spent all my spare time reading. My kids were shocked to see their mom reading a book besides the scriptures…especially a fiction book. They could not believe how fast I went through them & asked me questions about the book constantly. I was happy to oblige whenever I was not reading since I wanted to think & talk about it all the time. These characters were constantly on my mind.

I have always been a movie girl. Reading has never been a passion of mine, those of you who know me, know this. But I have never thought about a movie or characters in a movie as I have with these books. I am actually considering reading them again because I don’t want to leave this make believe world. Yes, that is how great they are!

I can not wait for the movie to come out this fall. It will be released on November 21st! I am hoping that each book will be made into a movie. If the movie is anything like the book, I will totally love it! Thanks Stephenie Meyer for giving me something awesome to read after my kids go to bed!



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    I love your bogging! It helps keep me up to date. I still haven't been able to buy "Twilight" yet, but I looked it up online during lunch yesterday…and I saw that they are making a movie of it. I was soooo excited for you! I see you already know about it though. November 21st? That gives me plenty of time to read AT LEAST that one. I can't believe you've finished all 4!?! That's awesome!! Looks like she has some other series. Have you checked them out? You may need to wait a little bit to get this fictional world behind. Sounds like things are going well for you & the family. My love to all!



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