Family Reunion/Trip Theme Song

Family Theme SongOk, friends, first of all I have to say each family song we have come up with has been spontaneous and unplanned.  I have written before about our family theme song here.  While we were on our ski trip/family reunion song emerged.  Since I’m not a regular Country Music fan I had not heard this song before.  My Sister’s Boyfriend’s Son, Michael, began to randomly sing it throughout our week together.  I think most of my extended family did already know it because they would chime in and sing with Michael.  By the end of the week we all knew the chorus to the song.  It always brought lots of giggles.

What I LOVE about having a family theme song is how it brings unity.  Not only that, whenever we hear the song, it will bring back LOTS of fun memories of our time together.

The following is a horrible video I shot with my iPhone because it was handy.  Mainly I wanted to share it for the sake of the audio recording.  Please forgive my awful videography skills and we are not professional singers…at least most of us aren’t {my Dad has recorded an album in the past.}  Hope it might make you laugh; it does me every time I hear it. ;)

Sing on,


  1. Haha, that’s so funny. I know that song! Now I’ll think of your family every time I hear it, ha. I like the idea of a family song. My husband and son quote from the movie, Smokey and the Bear all the time and incorporate it into random conversations. Not quite the same but it’s the closest we get to a family song :) Thanks for sharing the video!
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  2. Cheryl Beaty says:

    I enjoyed hearing you giggle in the video, Shan. Someone in my water aerobics class introduced that song to me. I listened to it on ITunes and I think I have heard it on the radio. I do listen to country radio, as you well know. Love you, Mom

  3. Carrie Staats says:

    We LOVED watching/listening (Allan, Michael, & I)! Thanks for sharing. Good times! Great memories!!!!

  4. Dana says:

    How funny! I’m sure it will bring fond memories!

  5. Joyce Staats says:

    Awesome video!!! I will totally remember this reunion every time I hear this song! Michael sure made the “party” fun!! I am so glad he came with Carrie and everyone including him felt he is so much a part of the family!! What a great guy! What a great family!

  6. Kim Brown says:

    This is so cool. I loved singing that song. Thanks for putting this on the blog. Love it!

  7. Carol says:

    Found this post interesting! I’ll be pinning this on pinterest today!
    Carol recently posted..Life is Supposed to Be Easy Not Hard

  8. Brien27 says:

    Looks like you all are enjoy..Love that song i cant stop laughing at these video…
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