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Want to know why I just stock piled on laundry detergent?

Hubby came home from work recently and said he had a patient in the hospital who ate one of these All Mighty Pacs {see photos below.}  Apparently, it’s an ‘epidemic’ {my words, not from the news.}  DH says he saw on Fox News that several kids around the country have been mistaking these laundry detergent pacs as candy and ending up in the hospital.

Oh bother. {My saying I like that Pooh says.}

You see, I LOVE these mighty pacs!  I am all about making the task of doing laundry easier for me & my family.  These pacs do just that.  Since my children do laundry, pre-mighty pac days were MESSY.  Laundry detergent ended up all over the place.  Now, my laundry room is laundry detergent FREE.  Let me tell you, the laundry detergent can be quite a sticky pain to clean up!  We have used the Free & Clear All for years because our family breaks out into a rash if we use anything else.

All you do is throw the pac into the washer with your clothes.  It’s as simple as that!

Back to the reason I am stock piling…I’m worried they might take them off the market due to the before mentioned epidemic.  I went into the store with the intention of buying every bag they had.  I figured they would only have 2 or 3 bags on the shelf.  Well, they probably had about 10 on the shelf and I just couldn’t bring myself to buy ALL of them that day.  The $$$ dollar signs were making me anxious.  So instead, I bought 4 bags and plan to do just that every time I go grocery shopping.  As far as I know, there hasn’t been a recall and my husband doesn’t think I should worry about it.  No, I haven’t done a search online about it.  And no, I’m not being paid by All to write this post.  {I will welcome some free detergent if they are willing to send it, though ;)}

Above left shows you what an All Mighty Pac looks like.  Now to you and me, adults, it definitely does NOT look like candy.  However, to a child, it must.  You would think once they tasted them they would realize…yuck!  Anyway, just like most household cleaners, warn and teach your children that these laundry detergent pacs are NOT candy.  They are NOT to be eaten.  PLEASE!  Above right shows another laundry product that is making my life easier.  It is a bleach tablet.  {Again, not to be eaten}  Please keep your cleaners out of the reach of toddlers.

To use the bleach tablets, it’s as simple as placing the tablet in the bleach tray of the washer and adding 2/3 cup of water.  No more spilling and no more chance of it getting on my clothes.  Besides, it takes up less space in the laundry room and is a lot lighter to carry around than the previous jugs.  {By the way, my kids don’t bleach anything, only me, in case you were wondering.}

Let’s work together to spread the word.  Teach your kids about the Mighty Pacs.  Maybe you don’t use them, but maybe there is somebody you know who does.  Maybe they have young kids and haven’t thought about teaching them NOT to eat them.  We don’t want more kids ending up in the hospital, nor do I want the manufacturer to stop making the pacs.

Please share this post to help educate by using your favorite social media outlet.

Oh…and if you have kids who are at least 10 years old…they can do laundry.  Teach them today.  Besides, one day they will leave the nest and will need to know how to do it. 😉

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this post from All or Evolve.

Clean Clothes Bring JOY,


  1. Thanks for writing about this. I don’t have little ones around to eat them, but I guess my pups could be intrigued?….I have always wondered if the “pacs” worked well. We are a free & clear family also. And I have never used the bleach tabs. Great info! you RocK! ♫ ♪ ♫ paula ♥

  2. That bleach tablet looks like a Tums . . .

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  5. I have never seen the bleach tablets. Where do you find them?

  6. Megan Furlong says

    Awesome! I’ve never paid much attention to these products but I’m certainly going to try them out. I’ve started teaching my children to do their own laundry as well. We started of simple with bed sheets, then sorting and now full blown laundry. I agree with you about teaching them. Headed off to the store now to look for tablets that will cut back on the messies 😉

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