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Internet Protection for your Family

Is your child safe from Pornography?

I am seriously looking into purchasing this product for our family.  It has porn blocking software, profanity masking, instant message and chat room monitoring, social media monitoring, and my favorite TIME MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE.  With Net Nanny’s Time Management Software you can establish limits and create schedules for the amount of time and/or appropriate times of day each family member accesses the Internet.

Family Gardening

Family Gardening Resourse






We used this wonderful resource to plan our family garden last year.


Family Friendly Movie Reviews

Family Friendly Movie Reviews





This site helps you to evaluate whether you want your family to see the latest movies at the theater.  I use it quite a bit.


Family Values

Values Parenting Resource



Values Parenting is a phenomenal resource for any family.  I highly recommend perusing through their awesome articles.  They have a whole course titled The Happy Family.

Concrete Mothering






I am linking you to the Concrete Mothering section of  I had the pleasure to see Shawni, Young Mother of the Year, speak at a Women’s Conference last year.  The Concrete Mothering section of Shawni’s blog is chock FULL of excellent advice from this special woman.

Family Dinner

Our family values dinner time together.  I have written about it here, here and here.  Blog For Family Dinner is AWESOME.  You will come away from this site with a renewed desire to have dinner together as a family.

Time At The Table Pledge









I just took the Time At The Table pledge.  Pledge your family today.  Make 2012 the year of family dinner!

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  1. Thanks for the resources! I’ll have to check them out!

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