Donation Station to Declutter & Organize

Today I began MySimplerLife‘s Declutter & Organize Calendar.

I am so grateful for this SIMPLE, “CAN DO” calendar!

Today’s assignment was to make a Donation Station.

I have been needing to do this for YEARS!  I did it!  Hooray!!! 😀

Here’s mine:

I raided the attic and found the boxes and wire cubes.

Okay, so I need to buy another section of wire cubes.  It will definitely look better then, but it is already useful.  I was so excited to put a few things in the donate & return boxes today.  It is great to have a place to put transient items.  This way I know where they are when I need them quickly.  I stashed it here in the mudroom for now.  Originally it was going to go out in the garage, but it has been handy having it inside, so I am considering leaving it here.

Do you want to join me in this endeavor…to eliminate clutter and get organized?!

Head on over to:






Tomorrow I will be sharing a chore system that made my kids WANT to clean all afternoon when they got home from school today.  You won’t want to miss it!

Happy New Year,


  1. I shared the calender with my sister. She loves organizing. Me? Not so much. But I need to…badly! I definitely want to know how to get kids to clean, tho.
    Shasta Farrar recently posted..I Did Something Crazy… Now I Need Your Help

  2. Great idea! We just did an overhaul of cleaning during the holidays. I may have to show this to my husband to see if we can try something similar to STAY organized! Thanks for sharing!
    Charma (@Surprised_Mama) recently posted..VIDEO: New Year, New Potty Training Promises…Maybe

  3. Cheryl Beaty says

    I appreciate the referral to the My Simpler and the declutter information there. Like it! I am so glad you are going back to Blissdom too. You did an excellent job with the posting on chores for the kids. You are getting quite adept at repurposing things. do you still have some of that green chalk paint left we could use for our little table in the living room? Love, Mom

  4. sounds like a great project for the new year!!

    • I thought so! My house is a mess & in desperate need of lots of donating of items. Thanks Michelle for taking the time to comment and visiting! 🙂


  1. […] through every cabinet, every drawer, every closet and creating order.  Thank goodness for the calendar I have to help with this […]

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