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So the number one thing on my To Do list this morning was to make Family Brings Joy mobile friendly.

I have been putting this task off, thinking it would be complicated.  Never fails, when I think something will be complicated, it isn’t.  Opposite is always true for me as well.  When I think something will be quick and easy to do, HA…NOT…it ends up taking hours.  I will forever be grateful when the first happens.  I like the outcome of it way better!  So maybe I just need to tell myself everything is complicated?  This way I can trick the universe and make everything easy for me, right?  I wish!

I’m not sure how many of you out there read Family Brings Joy on a mobile device.  {Way to go Shan, that would have been a great survey question!}  Honestly, I can’t stand reading blog posts on my phone…mainly because I don’t like the small screen.  My iPhone touch screen and I don’t get along very well either.  It never types what I want it to type and takes forever to type a comment.  I prefer being at my desktop any day.  I like my monitor and keyboard.  However, when I have been directed to a site who has their blog ‘mobilized’ I enjoy how quickly it downloads and how I can see the type/posts right away.  After all, it’s all about TIME, right?

Heads up WordPress users, making your site mobile friendly is as simple as installing a Plugin.  Turns out there are many different plugins to make your site mobile friendly.  I chose WP Touch thanks to WPBeginner’s helpful post titled 11 Ways to Create a Mobile Friendly WordPress Site.  It was quick, simple and painless to install.

On the other hand, I don’t like how you can’t see the pretty design {I paid money for} on the mobile site.  It looks drab and plain.  You know me, I like color, art, photography, graphics etc.  If I’m going to visit a site, even a mobile one, I’d like for it to stand out some.  I would at least like to have my logo on there.  Thus…sigh…begins the search to figure out how to make this happen.  Until then, I apologize for the plainness of the ‘mobilized’ version of Family Brings Joy.

Decided I would add the survey again, just in case you haven’t had a chance to give me your much needed feedback:

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Thank you to the 14 wonderful readers who have graciously taken time to give me their valuable feedback so far.

To a new day and new week,


  1. Shannon–

    You have a GORGEOUS blog (and home!!). Way to go! I might need to hire you do overhaul my blog 🙂

  2. I never look at blogs either on my phone for same reason, but I will check this out on my iphone and see how it works. It seems much of your blogging is visual (photography lover) so I can see how the mobile version would seem drab. I guess, in hindsight, I have read blogs that people have linked in Facebook that have been more opinion/story based.
    Anywho, my two cents. Way to go on making changes and progress!

  3. Hi Shan,

    My name is Joyce and I’m the community specialist at BraveNewCode the company that develops WPtouch. I came across your blog post today and just wanted to say thanks for the mention! By the way, if you’re still having difficulties customizing your site, I would recommend posting inquiries in the WordPress forums:

    Hope this helps.
    Joyce recently posted..BraveNewCode Wear: Our 2012 Artist Designed T-shirt Series

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