Post it Notes bring me JOY

I have been finding these sweet gems on my desktop lately.

Little things mean a LOT,

Coastal Christmas Mantel

When I shared with my kids that we were going “coastal” this year for Christmas they were not at all ‘on board.’

I heard endless amount of complaining. However, now that they have seen the final result they really like it. I decorated in this theme several years ago {because my favorite place is the beach :) }. Back then they didn’t seem to care less. Actually, this is the first year in a very long time that I have even wanted to decorate. I was asked to host a church party and have family coming for Christmas. This definitely helped motivate me into the holiday spirit! In addition, for the first time EVER in my life, I began decorating BEFORE thanksgiving. I like it!

Anyway, since I did put in a LOT of effort {it was way fun, though!} I decided to try a ‘link up’ to another blog. Many blogs give me my inspiration for decorating my home. Hope it will do the same for someone else… inspire and motivate.

The Lettered Cottage
Merry Christmas,

To Do List

  1. Finish my Christmas cards (way behind this year)
  2. Finish my Christmas decorating (it’s not turning out as good as I would have hoped)
  3. BE POSITIVE! :) (sheesh!)
  4. Finish my Christmas shopping
  6. Continue doing all the other stuff I normally do: change sheets, do laundry, grocery shop, de-clutter, clean kitchen, help with homework, taxi children, referee children, sort, organize, pay bills, etc….
  8. Figure out a new exercise plan that I don’t HATE (& doesn’t cause me pain…in other words causing me to visit the doctor too many times)
  9. Enjoy the journey!

Honestly, I hate lists,


I finished a project!!! Yippee! The ironic thing is that this project included SEWING. I HATE to sew! However I was really motivated to make some new fall pillow covers for my front porch rocking chair pillows. My very talented Mom was able to help me get my sewing machine up and running last week while she was here. {Thanks again, Mom!} She gave me instruction on the pattern and I made my first pillow cover while she was here. Today I decided I was finishing the other three covers this morning before Christmas decorating begins.

I wanted to make covers so I don’t have to buy new pillows for every season. Covers take up a lot less space! As soon as I remember & find what blog I was inspired to make the pillow covers from I will site it here. Besides, you can’t find outdoor pillows in fall colors anywhere. I like the minimal cost as well. :)

It feels so GOOD to complete a projecta huge accomplishment.

Looks good,

P.S.: Took the photo on manual mode…practice, practice, practice. 😉

Thanks Nesting Place!

My wall 

The Nester’s Wall, My Inspiration Photo 

I’m finally posting one of the projects I’ve been working on. Thanks to Nesting Place I have been inspired to do some more beautifying of my home. I LOVE her blog! She has made me look at things in a very different way. Plus she is frugal like me! I now “shop at home” and plan to do some window “mistreatments.” If you want to know what those terms mean you will just have to go to her very cute blog and check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

All of the frames used in my photo above were not being used & now they are! All I needed to buy was a can of spray paint! Gotta love that!

Paint on,

Official Completion Date…

…June 5th! Thanks to the bank for pressing the builder to give us a completion date. He says we should be moved in before that date if our tile layer will press on the gas. We opted for a different tile layer than the one the builder normally uses. He is a perfectionist and is doing a great job. The builder says, “he does excellent work, he’s just very slow.” I guess that’s the price you pay to get it done right. I told my husband I will be at the house in the morning helping him grout the floors to get things moving if I need to.
It will be almost, to the day, a full year from the time the builder broke ground on our home. It has been one of the most grueling things I have ever done. I would not wish this experience on my worst enemy. (it’s just a saying…I hope I don’t have enemies) It really is true what they say about building a home…how difficult it is. I am sure we could have been on the HGTV show Dream Homes. Honestly, I could never watch that show because of the anxiety it gave me. The actual building process is a million times worse. My husband has really been great putting up with me (Thank you, honey!) He keeps telling me over and over, “It will all be worth it in the end.” Sometimes I did not think so. Now that it seems I can somewhat see the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ I am sure he is right. Kids, you will have a more sane Mom once we have moved in…I think :) LOL
I know being able to build a house such as ours is a tremendous BLESSING. Many people are struggling right now and my heart aches for them. It truly does. Someone at church one day said they wondered if they would be able to keep their home. My husband and I realize the situation of others and have tried to keep quiet. Except for our family and close friends, if anyone asks us we are happy to report our status, otherwise we don’t talk about it.
My heartfelt thanks go to my parents for listening to me whine and cry about all the twists and turns. Emily, thank you for being my long distance decision maker/designer during those times I just couldn’t make one more decision or just needed a friend to bounce ideas with (I miss u!). Sara, thank you for listening to me ramble on about the house…I really needed someone to listen and you did and still do. I know you didn’t know what you were getting yourself into when you called me. :) Last but certainly not least, I thank my Heavenly Father. My faith is my rock. Besides, ultimately, everything we have is His anyway. I pray that we might be good stewards over this home he has blessed us with. I promise to share it with all my family and friends! I plan on spending lots of time there making memories for an eternity with the people that mean the most to me.
Very Sincerely,


P.S. : The picture is of the kitchen floor.