I finished a project!!! Yippee! The ironic thing is that this project included SEWING. I HATE to sew! However I was really motivated to make some new fall pillow covers for my front porch rocking chair pillows. My very talented Mom was able to help me get my sewing machine up and running last week while she was here. {Thanks again, Mom!} She gave me instruction on the pattern and I made my first pillow cover while she was here. Today I decided I was finishing the other three covers this morning before Christmas decorating begins.

I wanted to make covers so I don’t have to buy new pillows for every season. Covers take up a lot less space! As soon as I remember & find what blog I was inspired to make the pillow covers from I will site it here. Besides, you can’t find outdoor pillows in fall colors anywhere. I like the minimal cost as well. 🙂

It feels so GOOD to complete a projecta huge accomplishment.

Looks good,

P.S.: Took the photo on manual mode…practice, practice, practice. 😉

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