Best Cake Recipe Ever!

I have a real treat to share with you today!

I am generously sharing with you the recipe of my most favorite cake in the whole entire world.  So good thing you stopped by today. 😀

It is a family recipe passed down from my husband’s side of the family.   I am sure it will soon be one of your family’s favorite as well.  Before I continue, I want to say “Hi!” to my Mother & Father-In-Law who are finally online.  I’m glad they can see what we’re up too since I don’t use snail mail much anymore.  Hope you don’t mind me sharing our recipe with everyone. 😉

Above shown are the family cookbook of recipes and the cook book my Mother-In-Law made for my husband to take on his mission for our church {when he was 19.}  Looks like Mom inherited the recipe from Aunt Doris.

Here is a close up of the front of the small (wire post bound index) cook book my Mother-In-Law made him.  Isn’t it cute?!  DH continues to cook recipes from this book to this day.

On to the recipe:

Few pointers and helpful hints…you can use another brand of cake mix to make this.  However, it is not as good.  I made this cake recently using another brand of cake mix.  It was the only one I had in the house and I wanted to make the cake while my friends were visiting from out of state.  My friends, who had never had it before, loved it.  It wasn’t bad, but my kids & I could tell a difference.  I am not being paid to advertise Duncan Hines.  {I should have contacted the company, though!  Oh well, enjoy this free publicity Duncan Hines}  The same weekend my friends came to visit, my husband was visiting his home town for his 25 year high school reunion.  He stayed with his parents and guess what my Mother-In-Law sent home with him?  Yes, this cake.  So even though we had some of the cake I had made with the other brand, my kids ate my Mom’s first.  It didn’t hurt my feelings because I could tell the difference. 😉

To all of my local Church friends: I call DIBS on this recipe for the cookbook we are compiling recipes for.  It’s the ONLY recipe I contributed to the cookbook. 😀  Thanks!

{By the way, this is only the 2nd post I have ever written about food.  Read the other one about flour tortillas HERE.}

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Good Luck!

Bake on,


  1. What are you doing posting cake recipes when we are trying to get fit! Guess I’ll stow it away for the next time I have to bring a dessert to something 🙂 Or maybe aftera long run where I burn billions of calories anyways.

    • LOL, I know, but I had already scheduled it as one of my posts. Besides, not everyone is on a diet. And it is a perfect Recipe to have for the holidays! { I made the cake before I activated Operation Get Fit 😉 }

  2. Wow. This looks so YUMMY!!! You will have to make it agian some time and save me a piece.:) Thanks so much for the awesome blogs…

  3. This looks seriously yummy…I *LOVE* that idea for a missionary going away present…Aunt Doris, you are a genius! Especially loving the cover art, too cute!

    • Aubrey, you are quite right about Aunt Doris’ recipe. Have you had a chance to make the cake yourself yet? I would love to hear your feedback. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving me this sweet comment. My mother in law will be happy to see you liked her drawing for the cover art.

  4. thanks for sharing this
    giftcakecard recently posted..How to make a Delicious Cake Without Baking Powder

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