Appreciating Where I Live (Pretty in Pink Style)

DSC02078 In my last post I wrote about finishing my 5th half marathon on New Years Day. I trained the majority in my neighborhood. One day, while running, I was admiring the beauty around me and the above clip came into my mind. I remember how Andie was looking at the houses and saying how she thought the people living in those houses didn’t truly appreciate them. I wasn’t necessarily thinking that. I was feeling grateful for the beautiful neighborhood I live in. My house is not a mansion like shown in the clip, but it is more than what I would have ever thought I would live in when I was a teenager. Please don’t think I am bragging. That is not my point at all. The point is that I do appreciate my house and neighborhood very much. I like to think if Andie ended up living in a nice house, that she, too, would appreciate it. That’s what happens when you come from modest means. You are grateful for what you worked to attain in life.




This post is two fold. The movie Pretty In Pink is celebrating it’s 30 year anniversary! So hard to believe. Tonight I’m going to see one of my favorite movies of all time at the movie theater again! This time I’m older on the outside, yet still feel like that giddy teenager on the inside. Tonight is the last showing at the theater for this classic (not sure it should be called a classic yet.) Can’t wait to see it again!


Disclaimer: I was not paid by anyone to promote this movie. I love it to share for FREE. 😉

Homes & Movies bring joy,

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