What Music Are Your Kids Listening To?

Do you know what music your kids are listening to?  What is their favorite music group or artist?

My 16 year old Daughter is going to a concert tomorrow night and it got me thinking about these 2 questions.

I had a pretty good idea what my 2 girls liked to listen to but wasn’t sure about my boy.  It was time for a little Mom & Child Interview…

It’s funny, I guess I should interview them more often because each child was a little leery or hesitant when I asked them the second question above.  I figured they would be able to tell me right away.  It’s not that hard of a question, but they all had to think about it some.  Both of my daughters got out their ipods and looked at their top songs.

Youngest Daughter {8}

I interviewed her first.  She said Big Time Rush and Jonas Brothers after pondering a minute or two.  Then after looking at her ipod she quickly shouted, “David Archuleta!”  It made me giggle because I knew he would be on her list.  After him it was easy for her to list off Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Nick Jonas & The Administration and Justin Bieber.

  • David Archuleta
  • Jonas Brothers
  • Big Time Rush
  • Selena Gomez
  • Taylor Swift
  • Justin Bieber
  • Nick Jonas & The Administration

Son {13}

“I don’t think there is any good music out right now,” states my Son matter of factly.  I interrupted his Wii game to ask him who he was listening to right now. “I don’t really listen to music that much.”  I knew that already.  He and my husband are very similar in that they don’t need music in their lives.  Me, I can’t live without music!  Just another example of how opposite DH and I are.

  • None

Oldest Daughter {16}

As usual, my beautiful teen Daughter gives me a weird look when I asked her.  She was on the phone with her bestie.  They were supposedly studying for chemistry together.  Her friend asks me, “why do you want to know this?”  I should have answered, “Mom’s don’t need a reason to find out stuff about their kids.”  K answered, “it’s for your blog, isn’t it?”  I guess my pen and notebook gave it away. {lol}  K’s bestie listed hers off pretty quickly: Taylor Swift, Allstar Weekend, Nick Jonas, Jonas Brothers, Jason Mraz, One Direction, Katy Perry and Ron Pope.  I have no idea who One Direction or Ron Pope is.  Both my daughters love music as much as I do and I enjoy sharing this passion with them.  K made me promise I will state that her list is in no particular order. {lol}

  • Allstar Weekend
  • Jonas Brothers
  • Taylor Swift
  • Selena Gomez
  • Nick Jonas & The Administration
  • Shane Harper

I’m going to have to listen to Shane Harper…haven’t heard of him.

So K and her bestie are seeing Allstar Weekend tomorrow.  The Jonas Brothers better get their new album out soon because Allstar Weekend has taken over in our house!  I like both the Jonas Brothers and Allstar Weekend.  There is one song of Allstar Weekend {which happens to be the name of their latest album} that I’m not thrilled with because of it’s heavy sexual connotation.  I remember when we first listened to this album together I mentioned to her I did not like that song. “Yeah, I skip that song.”  This is when I am screaming inside saying “YES!”  I am so grateful for her desire to listen to good music.  Moms cherish these moments…when we can see the fruits of our labor. 😉

Do you listen to the music your kids are listening to?

Personally, I believe it is very important to know what your kids are listening to.  If the lyrics have subject matter that conflicts with our values, I talk about it with my kids.  This is an excellent opportunity to have a good conversation with your children.  It’s also a prime opportunity to teach.  Music is a very powerful medium.  I like to think I am pretty hip when it comes to music for a Mom.  Since music means a lot to me, I like to be able to listen to music with my kids.  If only I could get me kids to not be embarrassed when I begin to dance around…I know, never going to happen.

Do you talk to your kids about the popular songs that are played on the radio?

Let me give you an example.  Katy Perry has some fun songs.  However, there are several songs of hers that are played regularly on the radio that I don’t want my kids listening to.  The lyrics are not in harmony with the values we teach and instill in our children.  “So if it’s popular and all the kids at school are listening to it, why can’t I,” is the silent question my kids are asking.  Depending on who is in the conversation about the song at the time will determine my answer.  Sometimes if my 8 year old is asking I might have to be somewhat vague {depending on the subject matter contained in the song} and say, “It doesn’t have appropriate lyrics for an 8 year old.”  On the other hand, if my Son and oldest Daughter are the only ones with me during the conversation I will be pretty specific to why I don’t like it and think it’s not right for them to listen to.  It is up to them to choose whether or not they will listen to the song on their own, but when I’m around they will definitely not be listening to it.  However, if you are aware of what albums are on your kids ipods then you will know if they are following through.  This is easily accomplished by looking at their itunes accounts or whatever software they use for their mp3 player.

I’d like to encourage you to take time to talk to your kids about the music they like.  It doesn’t have to be a formal sit down with a notebook.  It can be at the dinner table.  It can be in the car{where we have our discussions the most, captive audience.}  It can be when you are watching American Idol or some sort of music awards show…anytime really.

You just might learn something you need to know about your kids by what they are listening to.

Now, your turn, what are YOUR kids listening to?

Can’t wait to hear,


  1. Great blog post. My kids like Francesca Battesteli and Taylor Swift. They think Justin B is gross. HA! We don’t listen to much secular music in our house, mostly christian radio. I think your son is a hoot!
    ange recently posted..My Anxiety Story Part 1

    • Ange, when my kids were your age we listened to a lot of Contemporary Christian Music. Enjoy it while it lasts. I need to check out Francesca Battesteli. I don’t know her music very well. Isn’t she the winner of some sort of music contest?

  2. Mine don’t have anything on their iPod that hasn’t been approved by Dad. Dad takes teaching his “Music Ed” courses very seriously, he finds “clean” versions when possible. I probably have the only 13 year olds that know who the drummers for Van Halen or the lead singers for Queen have been. My daughter LOVES Journey, Son has varied interests including Mo Tab. I really discourage Disney stars for this reason: they grow up. They never really liked Miley, but just yesterday I saw Selena on the cover of Cosmo . . . not a magazine I want my kids noticing. Just recently I decided that it’s my right as a parent to embarrass my kids . . . especially since I don’t really have to do much for that right now . . . so JUST DANCE!!!

    • So glad your Hubby is good about keeping up with the music! That is awesome! It’s funny you say that about Van Halen & Queen. I’m always telling my kids little bits of trivia about 80’s music and groups. I think they don’t care, but I quiz them every once in a while to see if they listen. A knows pretty much every U2 song, though. 😉 I know what you mean about the Disney Stars. I was disappointed in how Miley Cyrus turned out and now Demi Lovato has tattoos. I agree, I will DANCE if I want to!

  3. I took up your challenge—at least with Mr T. He was quick with his response—Breaking Benjamin. Not a name I’m familiar with so I checked YouTube and one of his songs is, “Dance with the Devil”. That was exciting to see– ha! I told him Mr J didn’t have any favorites and he said he wasn’t surprised because he doesn’t listen to music. I think the girls have good taste in their music preferences. The group I never tire of listening to is MoTab… 🙂

  4. We love music in this house. In fact, we have learned some new ones from our first-grader who has learned them from P.E. class at school! Or at the roller skating rink for that matter. I always thought I would be a hip music mom…but actually, when I only learned who Katy Perry was after roller skating with my guy, well, I was a little embarrassed. I’m getting better at the current stuff. I didn’t realize that part of parenting would creep up so quickly! We always have a mix of music going on here…from Michael Jackson to James Taylor; Big Head Todd and the Monsters to Colbie Caillat. We try to keep it clean…I agree about a few of those Katy Perry songs, but I do like many of her’s. Great, fun post!
    Jen DZ recently posted..The Force is Strong Up in Here!

  5. My daughter listens to Justin Bieber A LOT. I can’t take it anymore….Reading your post I got an idea. I will buy CDs with all the other artists you mentioned your eight years old daughter listens to. Maybe i manage to expand her music universe a bit. Wish me luck!!

    Michael recently posted..Black Mold Removal

  6. Great post! We love music here too 🙂 We listen to all kinds really – lots of radio stations on iTunes which is fantastic! There is a great Broadway Radio station that is fantastic and we love ParisChanson too. Otherwise we listen to Dolly Parton and The Issacs ‘Blue Sky’ is the best song, Taylor Swift is a huge favourite too and sometimes we listen to some Suzuki Violin CDs ha! And then the rest of the time we try making our own music and singing all around the house. The other day a great song came on that Broadway Radio station and we put on our tap shoes and danced on the coffee table! Sometimes you just have to do that 🙂

    • Oh my Kimberly…how awesome your musically talented family is! I just finished visiting your site and seeing your Share It song. Love it! I think I would enjoy the Broadway Radio Station as well. I’ll have to check that out. My oldest and I saw Wicked together and LOVED it! I can hear my Son practicing his trumpet right now. I can only imagine my family trying to tap on the coffee table! lol Brings a huge smile to my face thinking about it! Oh but what JOY music brings a family, huh!? So happy you stopped by and left this beauty of a comment for me today! I look forward to sharing your music with my family. 😀

      • Oh Wow Thanks so much for checking out our site and our new ‘Share It’ video and even sharing our music! Yay! 😀 And you’re definitely right, music sure does bring Joy to a family! It’s so neat that our sites have that aspect in common! That’s really great your son is practicing his trumpet! Sometime I want to hear him – so tell him to keep up the good work 😀

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