The Intoxicating Aroma of Spring

I remember when I was young hearing adults remark how much they loved Spring.

Honestly, I never understood why.  “What’s so great about Spring?” I would marvel.

Now I know.

It has become my favorite time of the year.

Most of all because of the flowers.

I’ve always loved flowers, but through the years I have gained a deeper appreciation of the beauty and wonder of their miraculous creation.

My most favorite flower is the Hydrangea.  It used to be the rose.  {Not that I don’t still love roses, I do.}

It is remarkable how all the tiny flower buds make up the gorgeous whole of the flower you see from afar.

My Mom & Step Dad sent this Hydrangea bush as a house warming gift when we moved into our house here.  The blooms were a phenomenal blue color in the beginning.  Instead of figuring out what I need to add to the soil to make them blue again, I enjoy the lovely pinkish purple color they inhabit the bush now.  It has grown tremendously over the almost 3 years we have lived here.  During the summer I cut the blooms, place them in vases and scatter them throughout the house.  I even adore their beauty long after they have dried.  {Thank you again, Mom & Dad for the gift that keeps on giving.  They always remind me of you.}

There is something therapeutic about potting plants.  To feel the dirt soft in my hands as I spread it around the flowers is calming…it’s as though my mind stops thinking.  Sigh…no wonder I enjoy it.  My mind usually never stops reeling through thoughts.

I was inspired to plant 2 of the plants you see here because they repel mosquitoes.  Can you believe that?!  I would much rather have a pretty plant repel the nasty buggers than those awful smelling candles.  One is a citronella plant, which you see in the dirty, brown pot to the left.  {Why didn’t I rinse the dirt off the pot before taking the photo?}  It even has small pretty pink blooms…bonus!

The other plant known to repel plants is in the black pot to the right.  My cat was very happy to find me planting it…catnip! 🙂

I was so ecstatic to find the Texas Bluebonnets! {6 pack for only $1.50!}  I’ve never seen these for sale in Oklahoma before.  I miss taking my kiddos into the fields of bluebonnets to take photos.  Now we have a little bit of home {we used to live in Texas} on our back porch…makes me smile. 😀

Soon, I will find the names of the other plants & add them here for you. 😉

If I remember correctly, the yellow flowers are called Yarrow.  Aren’t they just so sweet and dainty?  Yellow and blue are such a perfect combo.

Working in the yard is apparently contagious.  DH has caught the bug {no pun intended} and began weeding without me asking him to.  Goodbye weeds!

After snapping several photos of him weeding, he looked up to smile at me.

Look at the majesty of these blue & purple Delphiniums.  I planted these beauties in the planters next to our mailbox.  Since they are so tall, I had to support them with a stick.  Otherwise, the wind snaps their delicate stems in half and they die. 🙁

Again, following my blue and yellow theme, I planted these yellow flowers in the same planters.

These flowers bring me joy.  I water them and talk to them.  They are my colorful friends who don’t talk back…they’re very good listeners. 😉  Just like YOU.

My hope is that I can see them blossom, grow and keep them alive through summer.  HOT summers make this very difficult.

What flowers have you planted this Spring?

See the beauty around you,


  1. Shan,
    Your photos are wonderful! I too love flowers and could take photos of them all day long. I love your hydrangea bush – how pretty! Your mosquito-repelling plants are so pretty too. I’ll have to think on that for our patio area. I haven’t planted anything new this year yet but I did split my irises about a week ago and re-arranged some of the dianthus I had so that my one flower bed looks completely different. Love how it turned out considering I didn’t spent a dime. 🙂 (yet).

    Have a great weekend!
    Susan recently posted..One a Day Series Coming May 1st!

  2. Beautiful… they are all so beautiful! I also love spring for it’s flowers. I often get plants as gifts from my parents and love it! You are right, it is the gift that keeps giving. 🙂 I bought some red yarrow last year and it is so pretty! Thank you for the wonderful garden tour!
    Jennifer_StudioJRU recently posted..mother’s day gift ideas.

  3. Ooh, I want to come visit! We could weed and garden together. 🙂 Beautiful flowers, you know I love the hydrangeas the best. 🙂
    ange recently posted..Before and After: The Hallway and Stairway

  4. Lovely photos, Shan! You’re so lucky to have so many flowers around you! My favorite by a long shot are lilacs. I don’t even have a single bush in my yard. 🙁 But my mom has one by her kitchen and living room windows and when they are open, her whole first floor smells of them! So nice! Hope you’re having a great weekend! 🙂
    Jen DZ recently posted..In Front of Ira!

  5. Spring is always exciting and beautiful.. Every person actually is waiting for it because of its beauty that brings to us..
    Dhyann recently posted..mobility vans

  6. Holly A Plus says

    Hydrangeas are my favourites too!
    Love you IG friend

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