Parents: A Wise & Simple Way to Buy Christmas Gifts for Your Children

This is what we do…

Jesus was given 3 gifts from each of the 3 Wise Men.

In like manner we give our children 3 gifts:

The first gift is given on Christmas Eve…Pajamas!  Each child receives a new pair of P.J.’s to wear on Christmas Eve.












The second gift is opened on Christmas morning.  Each child receives a gift from {DH & Me} Mom & Dad.  Usually the gifts are somewhat equal in value.












The third gift is also opened on Christmas morning.  Each child receives a gift from Santa {unwrapped}.  I always tell my children, as soon as you stop believing in Santa, you will not receive a gift from Santa.  You have to believe. 😉  Santa is also nice enough to put small gifts in each of our stockings.











I think we began this tradition when my first two were about 7 & 3 years old.  Before this, we bought way too many gifts.  I felt as though my children were not remembering the true reason we celebrated Christmas.  I was tired of feeling frazzled and not feeling the Christmas Spirit.

Reluctantly, I was a little worried my children would throw a fit over our new Christmas tradition, but gratefully they didn’t.  I think the younger you start the tradition the better. { as it is with most things 😉 }  Basically, it makes a lot of sense.  I explained to the children how blessed they were and if Jesus only received 3 gifts, then they could also.

I can’t tell you how much this has simplified our Christmas and made for a happier Mom… in return… a happier family.

  • I don’t need a list to keep up with the gifts.
  • I don’t need to worry and wonder if I’ve bought more gifts for one child than another.
  • We also don’t have long wish lists from the kids.  They know up front how many gifts they will receive.
  • Prevents us from over buying and going into debt.
  • Plus, it’s less for me to wrap!  Woo hoo!

Christmas, for me is about Christ, not about trees and gifts.  Don’t get me wrong, we have a tree and as you can see we give gifts.  I just try to bring moderation and balance into what could otherwise be taken overboard.

Do you like this idea?  Are you thinking, “I already bought their gifts.”  You can still do this.  Take back the excess gifts or give them to someone who needs them.  There is always an organization looking for donations.  Set aside a special family night.  Read from Matthew Chapter 2 (wise men) and Luke Chapter 2 about the Christmas story.  Sing some Christmas Carols.  Then sweetly share your new tradition with your family.

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  1. What cute pictures!

  2. I have some friends who do this as well and love it! Thanks for sharing a great idea with us! 🙂
    ange recently posted..Christmas Tablescape 2011

  3. I think you need to consider these PJ’s –:). Friends of a friend do the same PJ idea at Christmas. I saw pictures from last Christmas.

  4. Jennifer Rabins says

    What a wonderful idea. (I also recently read: 1 thing they need, 1 thing they want, 1 thing they read, & 1 thing they wear.) I am seriously considering doing some returning before this weekend. Thank you for the inspiration and a wonderful (& blessed) reason behind it…

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