Moms Can Rant some…

Getting sick never comes at the best time, huh?

Came down with an ear infection on Friday and I’m wondering if I might not have the flu {yes, I had a flu shot a couple of months ago} along with it.

I have been in bed all weekend. :/

DH was very sympathetic on Friday.  He even gave me a card & a bag of Goldfish. {Which I haven’t eaten in a LONG time due to Operation Get Fit}

Saturday, the sympathy was waning and by yesterday was pretty much gone.

Warning: the whining is coming.

The plight of a Mother not having sick days. {Oh well, life is not fair.}

I was hoping the antibiotics would be kicking in by now and I would be back to normal.  No such luck. 🙁

This is where my flu hypothesis comes in.  The only other time I have felt this bad is when I had a kidney infection and the flu.

Friday morning I woke up very nauseous, but I had to push it aside.  This Mom was taking her first born to get her driver’s license.  Fortunately, she passed her test and she could drive me home and herself to school.



Here she is driving off to school BY HERSELF 🙁

Since I haven’t been able to clean the house and finish up Christmas decorating, I finally had to call off a Christmas party that was supposed to be held at our home on Tuesday. 🙁 {I’m really sorry, I would much rather be rushing around trying to get my house finished up for a party than feeling dizzy, achy & sore.}

The party won’t be cancelled entirely, they will have it at the church.  Boy is that a good thing, because my house is an even bigger mess than it was Friday! {scream}

I think my family thinks when Mom is sick, they can take a big vacation from doing anything around the house.  Why of course, because the one who is reminding them is in bed.

I was kind of hoping some of the Hallmark movies they’ve been watching would rub off on them.  Ya know, the one’s where the kids feel sorry for Mom being sick so they clean up the house for her.  No such luck.  However, DH mentioned how many loads off dishes he had done over the weekend.  Believe me, I am grateful, however there is still more sitting on the counter to be done.  You’d think about this time the fam would recognize all the work I do around here; instead of wishing I would quit whining about being sick.  Instead, I realize how much they don’t care that the house is a wreck.  I want to go on strike, but what good would that do.  It would only spin me into a deep depression.

On a lighter note, this morning I woke up to white flakes falling from the sky.

As I was driving my youngest to school this morning we heard the radio D.J. say, “Be careful this morning.  There is rain covering most of the country today except for snow in Oklahoma & Texas.”  My 8 year old remarked, “Thanks for mentioning us!” back to the D.J.  She knows how to make me smile, that girl. 🙂 {small miracle}

Last but not least, my Father is in surgery this morning.  Please keep him and his surgeon in your prayers.  He is having a radiation seed implanted for his prostate cancer.  It has a 95% success rate.  Do you know anyone who has successfully overcome prostate cancer this way?

My Dad with his guitar this summer

There. Ranting is done { for now 😉 },


  1. Pay attentions, dads (and kiddos). Moms need our support, especially when they’re not feeling well.

    We never know what we’ve got ’til she’s sick…

    Hope you feel better soon. And congrats on the new driver in the house!
    Ben recently posted..Fatherhood Quick Tip: “Choose Happy”

    • I want everyone to know that I did not pay Ben to write the above words.

      On behalf of Mother’s everywhere, thank you very much for the kind endorsement, Ben. I am enjoying your blog immensely and feel a feature coming up real soon. I think your blog is very uplifting and encouraging for anyone, but especially for Moms and Dads. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I hope you feel better soon. Congrats to your daughter on getting her driver’s license. My 16 year old son just got his DL too. It makes me nervous but it sure is convenient now that he can get himself to school and run his own errands. They grow up quick!
    Shasta Farrar recently posted..Fabric Flower and Scarf

    • Shasta, you are right, it is convenient, but hopefully I can get over the worry every time she leaves to go somewhere. Currently I have her text me when she is about to go anywhere so I can keep tabs on her. When she arrives at school she texts me to let me know she made it. Gives a Mom a peace of mind, ya know. 😉 Her driving tester was sort of a gruff, strict woman. I was so worried she was going to intimidate my daughter and cause her to mess up. Fortunately, she said the tester was nice once she got in the car and told her she was a very good driver. Yay! 😀 Don’t they grow up so fast! When I look at my youngest, 8, it is almost like I will blink and she will be 16. We have to cherish every moment while we have them and TEACH them. Thanks for visiting Shasta.

  3. Cheryl Beaty says

    I am sorry that you aren’t feeling well, honey. I pray for your healing to come soon. It is hurtful when you think your family doesn’t appreciate you. It seems to happen to the best of Mothers. But we go on and love them unconditionally and eventually get things back in shape, with or without help. Everything seems bleaker when we are sick. I hope you have a brighter tomorrow and feel much better. I love you, Mom

    • You’re right, Mom, everything does seem bleaker. I think it is the feeling of being “out of control” when you are sick. I did begin to feel much better toward the end of the day yesterday. Advil helps a bit, but I think I’m finally on the mend. I am so grateful! I realize we need times of suffering & sickness to help us appreciate when we are HEALTHY. 🙂 Love you!

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