Hello Kitty {not the cartoon character}

Photo Taken by my Inspiring {16 yr. old} Photographer Daughter

I taught my oldest daughter recently how to use my SLR camera.  I have learned over the years, if you can teach a subject to someone, it helps reinforce the knowledge you are teaching.  {This experience humbled me to the realization I am not a very good teacher}  I went over the basics of aperture, shutter speed and focal length.  Seriously, I think by the end of my mini lesson, we were both confused…sigh…as Pooh would say, “Oh bother.”

Finally, I just told her to take the camera and shoot away.  Practice is always the best way to learn.

She went outside and look at this shot!  This was the last one {of many} she took of Daisy, our very sweet cat.  I am very impressed!  The only thing I did was change it to black & white; no need to sharpen the image or anything!  I have to be a bragging Mom for a bit.  I am so excited for her!  Honestly, I was a tad bit worried she might change her decision to be a photographer.

She is currently looking through photographs for a High School Photography contest.  Do you think she should enter this one?

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  1. Shan, I think this is a great photograph! I love it in black and white. Your daughter did an awesome job of framing her kitty subject; so many people just starting out don’t get close enough! I definitely think this is a contest contender. Thank you for linking it up this week!
    Heidi recently posted..Black And White Wednesday: Blankie Friend

    • Heidi, can’t wait to show this to my daughter. She will be grinning ear to ear! Thank you!

    • Cheryl Beaty says

      Yes, yes, have her enter it. Richard agrees too. To get a cat to sit still long enough for the picture is amazing. We like it very much. Go for it Granddaughter!

  2. It’s a beautiful photo! And such a pretty cat! Way to go to your daughter! 🙂
    Rachelle recently posted..Laughter

  3. She should definitely enter that. What a great shot! And it’s none too easy to catch a kitty without them moving, blinking, or looking away. I have 100s that are a nanosecond too late. Well done!

    • I know exactly what you mean about Cats moving and taking the photo a nano second too late! Happens to me all the time too! Thank you for your words of wisdom and kindess Girl Parker. 😉

  4. Awesome pic!
    The Rookie Dad recently posted..Wordless Wednesday

  5. This is a fantastic shot!!! Very impressive! Love it!

  6. LOVE IT!! My daughter started with photography when she was in highschool and has gone on to do some professionally! Such a great outlet. Contest-worthy photo for sure!
    Adrienne recently posted..Ode to the Holiday Season

  7. This is definitely a contest contender! I love the way Daisy fills the frame! Great job!

  8. What a great shot! She should definitely enter it! 🙂 I wish I had mad skills with a camera like that. She must get it from her mom.
    ange recently posted..Master Bedroom Ideas

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