Favorite Outdoor Family Portrait Poses

I’ve been an avid weather watcher for the past week.  I’m not normally.  You see…I’m scared to say it because I tend to be a little superstitious about certain things.  If you have been following me for a while you will know 2 things for sure about me:

1. I LOVE photography.  {I especially LOVE family portraits.}

2. We haven’t been able to have an outdoor family photo shoot ever, due to RAIN! 🙁

Please pray that our photo shoot scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, November 16th will be RAIN FREE.  As of 2 days ago the weather iPhone icon showed a sun!  Then yesterday the sun icon had a cloud on top of it.  This is completely fine, as long as today’s rain drop icon doesn’t drizzle into Wednesdays.  Yes, it’s supposed to rain today, but tomorrow it is NOT.  Unfortunately, weather is so unpredictable!  Prayers are greatly appreciated. 😀

On to the GOOD stuff…here are some of my favorite OUTDOOR family portrait poses:

1. Blue Lily Photography

2, 3 & 4. Simplicity Photography

5. Kristen Duke Photography

6. Ashlee Raubach Photography

7. Studio 23

I’ll conclude with our family portrait done over 3 years ago by Studio 23:

Family Portraits ROCK,


  1. Ooh I am praying for no rain and I can’t wait to see your pictures! Very excited! Did you pick out the outfits yet?
    Ange recently posted..New Guest Blog Series

    • You’re up late too! LOL…yes we have our outfits. We are doing brown & cranberry colors. I am excited and thinking very positively that it will HAPPEN this time! 🙂 Your family portraits were very well done, Ange. Do you have one hanging on your wall yet?

  2. Cheryl Beaty says

    I will be praying for good weather tomorrow for you. Perhaps if it is not perfect, your photographer could improvise like you did with our anniversary pictures. I liked the #7 group of pictures especially. Good luck. Love you, Mom

  3. Wow, what beautiful photography and inspiring composition. Who wouldn’t love a family portrait like this?
    Stevie recently posted..Garden Therapy Handmade: Now Open!

  4. Thanks for the mention! I’m pretty sure #6 is from https://ashleeraubachphotography.blogspot.com/ but I’m not 100%, I believe it was 2 years ago, go back on her blog…SO many beautiful inspirational images from that session.

  5. Fingers crossed for you. Sometimes the lighting on cloudy days is the best! Love the idea of the couch outside.

  6. I remember when i’m still with my family, we usually go to parks and took shots as our remembrance. I hope i have the collection of our “portrait poses”. It was no match compared to your brilliant shots, but still it is memorable. Anyway, good piece of pics. I’m pretty sure your family is proud of you.


    #6 is my friend – i will get the photog info if you email and then i will email you back


  1. […]  Favorite Outdoor Family Portrait PosesI struggle adding this to the group because I feel as though I shouldn’t receive the credit.  All I did was find poses and put them in a post.  Nothing truly original from me, photography or writing.  Yet, again, I am reminded at how a collection of photos can be inspiring and helpful to others.  And as you see this is the only one out of the four that has to do with the importance of family…the importance of capturing your family before time gets away and everyone is grown and out of the house. […]

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