Do I Wear Old People Shoes??

Son: “Mom, why are you wearing those old people shoes?”

Seriously!!  My Son thinks I wear old people shoes.  He might as well have slapped me.

I look at my 16 year old Daughter & ask, “Do you think these are old people shoes?”

Uncontrollable laughing from her now.  I’d have to say her non-answer and laughing was a “yes.”

Honestly, I’m shocked because I LIKE these shoes.  They are comfortable, but I thought they were quite stylish.  I love the Mary Jane style:

Okay friends…I want your opinion.  Do these shoes look like old people shoes?  I don’t know why it bothers me so much, but it does.  It’s quite normal that my Son doesn’t like my taste at all.  He’s always saying “that’s tacky, Mom!”  However, I know it’s not, so I usually ignore him.  Besides, what does a 13 year old boy know about what’s stylish or not?

My 16 year old Daughter seems to be agreeing more with him, so it is worrying me.  Am I losing touch with reality?  I’ve always been a little eccentric in my tastes so maybe that is all it is.  I may not necessarily like to wear the latest trendy fashions always, but it’s never bothered me what people think.  I guess I just don’t want my kids to be embarrassed by their Mom.  It kind of hurts.  I don’t want them to be embarrassed by me.

Should I let it bother me?

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  1. No way! Mary Janes aren’t old lady. Here’s a link with photos of non-geriatric celebs wearing them.
    Also the new cover of J Crew is ballet flats (similar look) galore!!!
    Although—I have a pair by Rocket Dog (kinda hip brand) and my husband makes fun of them. They’re not for everybody, but you’re definitely not “the crazy cat lady.”
    Dusty Coyote recently posted..Wood Floor Tutorial

  2. Linda from the Edge of Nowhere says

    Sweetie, it’s just part of your job to embarrass your teenagers. Accept it; I have. When I saw those pictures in your post a couple weeks ago I thought, “Those shoes look comfortable.” Thus, I’m pretty sure they’re old lady shoes. My kids have told me I have old lady shoes before, you don’t need to be “hurt” over that. Let them have their laughs and remind them about the chore chart . . . .

  3. I ALWAYS choose shoes that are comfortable. And, I have a pair of mary janes just like that. I have a 16 year old son and he “makes fun” of everything I wear. That’s just part of being a teenager. Moms are always “so not cool” to teenagers (boys and girls). DO NOT let it bother you.
    Shasta Farrar recently posted..Kitchen Update for the New Year

  4. ditto to all of the above!

  5. hahahaha
    this cracks me up!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOo not old lady shoes, I adore mary Janes! Rock them sister!!

  6. Well… They might be Mary Jane “style” but they have elastic. lol I have to agree with the kids.
    Erica recently posted..Cincinnati Ink

  7. I dont think these are old lady at All!! I think they look cute on you. 🙂

  8. NO!
    Mary Jane’s are my favorite. I love them in any style. More than half the shoes I won could be classified as mary jane’s.
    I actually always think of them as more little girlish than old!

  9. no!! these are cute!! but i cannot stop laughing – this was recently a conversation between a friend and i, as we gossiped about someone we knew snatching shoes from her granny. THOSE were old lady shoes.
    Debi recently posted..home

  10. OK, everyone, I feel much better. I was having a weak moment. Thank you for helping me realize it doesn’t really matter what my 13 year old Son thinks of my shoes. Erica, you showed great courage to be honest. I value honesty.

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