Confessions of an Organizationally Challenged Blogger

I’m BACK!  Vacation was filled with lazy days and adventurous days.  I look forward to sharing more about that with you soon.

Where to begin…

I’ve spent the morning playing catch up to emails and trying to organize my posts for the week.

I printed this beautiful blog planner page via the talented Three Little Monkeys Studio.

Source: via Shan@ on Pinterest

Here’s what mine looks like:

Yep, nothing written on it yet.

I decided I needed to write down post ideas on a blank sheet of paper first before adding them to this pretty paper.

Done.  Now I have a huge list of post content ideas based on what we’ve been doing and photos I’ve taken.  So why haven’t I transferred them to the planner page?  Why does it make my brain hurt to choose.  It’s not a difficult task, yet I feel like it is.

You see, normally I decide what I’m going to write about either the day before or the same day I publish a post.  It’s not always productive, but it’s how I roll {there are RARE occasions I plan ahead, not many.}  This is why you didn’t see any posts last week while we were on vacation.  This is why my posts have decreased since my kids have been home from school for summer vacation.

Maybe it’s just difficult transitioning from vacation mode?  Maybe it’s because of my ADD {most definitely!}  Maybe it’s because my left heel is hurting again and I’m icing it off and on {this makes me feel like an old hag}?  Maybe it’s because every where I look there is clutter and I can’t think.  I don’t know…sigh.

ENOUGH Shan! {sorry!}

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE…yes, I do have positive karma happening here on this little blog that could {You know like The Little Engine That Could, hope you get that one ;)}  Anyway, a certain post {AKA Family Laundry Room} has been receiving a lot of attention lately thanks to Pinterest.  I’m as pleased as punch!  {Ok, who came up with that saying?}  In other words, I’m tickled pink! {that one too? lol}  Thank you my fellow Pinterest lovers for sharing this space. HUGS!

It’s funny…I published the Family Laundry Room post back in October and had 4 comments about it.  Remember, comments can be like money for a blogger.  I don’t know about every blogger, but for me, I sometimes take the amount of comments I receive as a reflection of what people think of the post or in this case the space.  Not sure I should have typed that.  I have a funny feeling I might receive some strong feedback from people about it.  Let me say this…no matter how many {encouraging & uplifting} comments I receive, what matters is 1. I documented a special room in my house 2. I completed a project 3. I like the space 4. It Might help inspire others.


a well known blog I absolutely ADORE and frequent is featuring Family Brings Joy’s Family Laundry Room

tomorrow, June 19, 2012 on her site!


I spent time answering questions for her this morning.

I am speaking of the organization extraordinaire Jennifer at I Heart Organizing!

IHeart Organizing

Welcome to my new readers who found me via Pinterest.  Welcome to all new readers via whatever way you happened upon this site.  Make sure you join us on Family Brings Joy’s Facebook page.  More importantly, THANK YOU to my tried and true readers/friends who visit me on a regular basis.  Thank you for your support no matter how I go about blogging and who don’t stop visiting when I go on vacation. 😉  YOU’RE THE BEST!

Blogging Brings Me Joy,


  1. You are a rock star, my friend! How lucky am I to get to call you that? Congratulations on your success!!!! How wonderful to get to be featured on Jen’s amazing blog! I do covet your laundry room and the way you were able to do it! I covet…but not in a bad way. Just emphasizing my love for it and desire to act on the inspiration that I glean from you! I wish for you an abundance of success from this!!
    By the way, I am delighted to be back at your blog. I have missed it and would be in agreement with you about not knowing where my time is spent since school let out. I find little or no time to blog as frequently as I did a month ago. BUT, fall will be here before I know it! I do love your blog, Shan, and I love your personality and the way you write for real. By “real,” I mean what is on your heart. I am a firm believer that that is the best way to blog. Anyhow, not that I’m a pro.
    It brings me great joy that you are enjoying your button flower arrangement. I only wish I would have discovered my niche earlier! Not that I don’t love the one you have…it is sweet and whimsical…and one of my very first! So, that’s special!
    Please take care, Shan. All my best to you and your family!
    Jen DZ recently posted..Do You Like My Flowers? Part 2

    • Jen, what a blessing you are to me. I read this sweet comment in the lobby of the movie theater on my phone. We took our youngest to see Madagascar 3 tonight. You caught me off guard and tears began to stream down my face as I read the above. Thank you so much.

      You are too right, fall will be here soon and it is well and right to spend time with our families. I am dreading this next school year as it is the last year my oldest will be with us full time. She will be a Senior this year and it has hit me hard. I am going to miss her so much. I think maybe, in a way, I thought my kids would always be around. I mean I know they won’t, but it seems too soon. I guess I’ve sort of been in denial. My baby, my first born, is all grown up. But, living the years I have, I know she has much to learn still and is not truly grown up.

      I so appreciate your acknowledgements and kindness to me. It’s relationships like ours that prove you can make true and lasting friendships through blogging. 😀

      In regards to your crafting talents…keep up the good work. I will treasure the arrangement and look forward to featuring it and your new biz in the future here. You are an inspiration to me as well…in many ways. Hugs back!

  2. I just found your blog through I Heart Organizing. I love your blog. It is now on my iPad and I look forward to following it.

    • Jan, I am so appreciative of Jen from I Heart Organizing! Great to meet many new friends and followers. Thanks for saying so. Welcome!

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