38 is GREAT!

Today is my birthday and I want to thank everyone who called me to wish me a happy day. It is special that you remembered. It has been a good day. I started out by running 3 miles on the treadmill at the gym. I placed my little card on the scanner like I do every time I enter the gym and the computer all of a sudden said “Happy Birthday!” It totally shocked me! Then everyone in the office said Happy Birthday to me. That was pretty cool!

I then decided I would go see the progress of the house. There was only one framer there. It is very cloudy today with a high chance of rain. He informed me that one of the framers fell off a rafter yesterday working. I was very surprised to find out they worked yesterday. I did not expect that, being Labor Day, & then to find out someone who has been instrumental in building our miracle was hurt doing so. I was sad to hear the news. I think he has shoulder and ribs injured. The one man who was there asked me why I was coming & taking pictures of the house. I was thinking in my mind, “why would I NOT take pictures…it is my dream home you are building.” Anyhow, he continued talking and said out of all the 12 houses he has help build in the last 3 years that only one other owner came to take pictures. I was a little surprised myself and then told him it might be due to people working full time. I think maybe they just came and took pictures at night when they were not there anymore. This was a very nice man and I began to explain to him that I am very grateful for their work. “I want to take pictures and capture this process…it is a miracle to me. I like to see how it has grown. Honestly, I am in awe.” He looked at me and said, “you are the first person to say that, usually everyone takes us for granted.” I can not begin to tell you how humbling it was to hear him say this to me. He continued talking, sharing stories of how rude owners were to them, treating them like second class citizens. My sympathy overflowed as I listened to him. I am very grateful for these men, the framers of our new house. They have a special talent…it really is amazing to watch them work and see their progress.

At the last minute, a friend invited me to lunch and we visited a quaint little “Tea Room” in our small little town. Then before we knew it, it was time to pick up the kids from school. Hubby just got home with a cake for dessert…isn’t that so sweet! He also gave me Stephenie Meyer’s book The Host! Something to look forward to reading. Although, I really can’t imagine it being any better than Twilight. So we are off to have dinner at my favorite Italian Restaurant as a family. I made a birthday mix today and found a song I have been looking for for years: Something Good by Utah Saints. It is such a fun song to dance to!

I hope this finds all of you, my family & friends having a good day too! I am so blessed to have you all in my life. And even though I have wrinkles, grey hair and a slower metabolism I am grateful to be here this day…it is a gift itself!

Adios, Shan

I CAN read fiction!

I read 4 books in a week in a half! My days of reading just non-fiction are over!…Thanks to Stephenie Meyer and her “Twilight Saga.” I have never felt this way about a book or books before. To be honest, I probably have only read one or two fiction books in the last 20 years from cover to cover. It’s an ADD thing, ya know. All I can say is that I am thankful my friends persuaded me into reading Twilight. I bought it on August 1st and finished it on August 5th (498 pages!). I was hooked! The next day I bought the other 3 books (just as many pages or more) and spent all my spare time reading. My kids were shocked to see their mom reading a book besides the scriptures…especially a fiction book. They could not believe how fast I went through them & asked me questions about the book constantly. I was happy to oblige whenever I was not reading since I wanted to think & talk about it all the time. These characters were constantly on my mind.

I have always been a movie girl. Reading has never been a passion of mine, those of you who know me, know this. But I have never thought about a movie or characters in a movie as I have with these books. I am actually considering reading them again because I don’t want to leave this make believe world. Yes, that is how great they are!

I can not wait for the movie to come out this fall. It will be released on November 21st! I am hoping that each book will be made into a movie. If the movie is anything like the book, I will totally love it! Thanks Stephenie Meyer for giving me something awesome to read after my kids go to bed!