Activity to Celebrate Your Valentine

As a couple, put together a little book detailing the story of how you met and fell in love.


Include photographs from when you were dating, along with any memorabilia from the past.


You may even want to include pictures from your wedding, or letters that you have written to each other.


As you reflect on your past, this book will bring you closer as a couple and will include your family in this very important part of your life.  Children love to hear stories about their parents, and by sharing this book with them, you are teaching them how valuable and sacred a loving relationship is.  This story will become a family favorite and your children will ask to hear it over and over again.

Maybe you can start on it today just by recalling memories with your Valentine while at dinner.  Then every February, make it a tradition to work on the book.

Last night my Valentine and I celebrated Valentine’s Day.  Hubby has to work all day and night today so we decided to celebrate a day early.  At dinner we reminisced over previous Valentines Day celebrations and anniversaries.  I took notes in my current handy notebook I keep in my purse.  It’s always interesting to find out what he remembers.  But I plan on making this little How We Met Book using my Once Upon A Family Valentine’s Day Silk Album.

After dinner we saw the movie The Vow.  This movie only reinforced how important it is to journal.  I know it’s not likely that we’ll suffer from amnesia like the main character of the movie {inspired by a true story btw}, but what if we did?  Wouldn’t we cherish and value such a How We Met Book?  I know I would.  Whether or not it would help me remember {if I had amnesia or lost my memory}, it would help me know that our love was important and special.

I believe that is what Valentines is all about…reminding us how important LOVE is…how important our relationships are…to celebrate that love.

Happy Valentine’s Day,


  1. Hi Shan, so glad you stopped by. Nice to meet you.
    I love the idea of this particular journal. It’s lovely and I can’t wait to see The Vow too.
    Added you to my sidebar to keep up to date with your posts and I look forward to visiting.
    Love and blessings!

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