• Limit your children’s activities, sports, birthday parties and play dates.
  • Go through your mail once or twice a week.  Shred the junk mail.
  • Check your email, Facebook, twitter, etc. once or twice a day.  Don’t look at it in between.
  • Schedule a certain amount of time for email, Facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc.  The rest can wait until tomorrow.
  • Turn your phone OFF during hours when you are with family or at work.
  • Limit your volunteering at school, church, etc.
  • Say no to social engagements you don’t want or need to attend.
  • Cancel newspapers or magazines you don’t read or love.
  • Send holiday cards any time of the year.  It doesn’t have to be in December.

The “just say no” check list suggests some little things you can say no to that make a big impact.  Check off a few and add a few of your own to the list.  If you start to panic and think “Oh, I have to do this, I can’t not do that,” then ask yourself, “What’s the worst that would happen if I don’t?”  The answer is usually “not much!”

Random {but not so random when you see the relevance at the end} question: Have you seen the movie I am Number Four?  One of my favorite scenes in the movie is when the Mom brings a basket to the dinner table and asks everyone to relinquish their cell phones into the basket before they eat. {I looked on the internet to see if I could find the scene to no avail.}  What a great idea!  I have written before about the importance of family dinner time.  Dining together will strengthen and unify your family.  Don’t let distractions interfere with precious TIME with your family.

I ran across a book today looking for a different book.  I picked it up to thumb through and decided I had to share this part of it with my readers.  The just say no check list comes from one of my favorite books, Happy Home: A Family’s Guide to Finding Balance in a DizzyBusy World by Lorle CamposHappy Home gives simple solutions to ensure success of a happy family.  The first step mentioned is saying no to activities that don’t add value.

Quote from Happy Home

Oh how I wish I could buy a copy of this book for every family.  Reading Happy Home helps you put your family first so that you can have a happy home.  You realize while reading, it’s not as difficult as we think it is.  We let go of guilt and enjoy our families.  You can do it!

Happy Home by Lorle Campos

Click on photo to get your copy

Because Happy Homes don’t just happen,

Importance of Expressing Love

I love seeing the couples in this video share how they express love to one another.  One Husband said, “Sloppy Joes and candle light.”  It doesn’t matter what your faith is.  If you believe in family, if you believe in marriage, you will resonate with the beautiful and heartwarming messages shown here.

Pure love is an incomparable, potent power for good. Righteous love is the foundation of a successful marriage. It is the primary cause of contented, well-developed children. Who can justly measure the righteous influence of a mother’s love? What enduring fruits result from the seeds of truth that a mother carefully plants and lovingly cultivates in the fertile soil of a child’s trusting mind and heart? As a mother you have been given divine instincts to help you sense your child’s special talents and unique capacities. With your husband you can nurture, strengthen, and cause those traits to flower. Richard G. Scott

How are you expressing love to your spouse or the family members around you?

Family…it’s about time,

41 Reasons to Celebrate

Today I’m celebrating my Birthday by counting my blessings {not necessarily in any order}:

  1. Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and The Holy Ghost
  2. My Life, Body, each day is a GIFT.
  3. The Scriptures
  4. My Parents
  5. My Husband & Eternal Companion
  6. My Children
  7. My Siblings
  8. My Extended Family & Ancestors
  9. My Friends
  10. My Blog and it’s Wonderful Readers…YOU!
  11. To Know I’m Loved
  12. Prayer
  13. Personal Revelation
  14. Miracles
  15. Music ~ Favorite CD: Mat Kearney’s Young Love
  16. My Church
  17. Makeup ~ to cover up my acne and wrinkles
  18. Facebook Birthday Wishes
  19. Birthday Cards
  20. My Camera
  21. Photos & Videos of memories documenting my life, my family & friends
  22. Technology ~ Iphone, Computers, Apple TV, Satellite TV, DVR
  23. Relatively Healthy Physically
  24. My Craft Room
  25. Books
  26. Movies
  27. Social Media ~ Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest
  28. My Vehicle
  29. Laughter
  30. Electricity
  31. Our House
  32. My Scrapbooks & Journals
  33. Running Water/Plumbing
  34. Smiles 😀
  35. Talent‘s God has blessed me with
  36. Comments on my blog
  37. Random Acts of Kindness
  38. Birthday Text Wishes
  39. Finding Bubble Glasses I have been looking for 3 years on Foundary
  40. Birthday Gifts
  41. Comfy Shoes: My Asics, Borns & Merrells Comfy Clothes: Jeans & Cotton T-Shirts

Thank you for celebrating with me today,

Do you hear what I hear?

Now that school is in full swing for most of us, I wanted to remind everyone of the usefulness of listening to audiobooks.  Just within the past week and a half I have already read/listened to two excellent books:


Hunger Games Movie Excitement

Once again my Brother with CRSJ Productions did a great job with this ‘fan made’ trailer for the Hunger Games.

Share it with your friends and family. :)

Brothers Bring Joy,

Anticipation for Breaking Dawn Soundtrack

My Brother has a production company. He made this cool video!

If you like it too, please like it on YouTube.

I could totally see Plain Jane Automobile on the Breaking Dawn Soundtrack!

This particular song, We Live In The Dark, goes so well.

Can’t wait for the soundtrack to come out. :)


Videos Bring Joy,