Win a Something Borrowed DVD!

For all you readers out there, have you read the best selling novel Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin?

The book to movie trend is huge these days.

Family Brings Joy readers have the opportunity to win Something Borrowed on DVD!

It stars the lovely Kate Hudson (Almost Famous) and Ginnifer Goodwin (He’s Just Not That Into You.)  The Warner Brothers Romantic Comedy comes to DVD on August 16, 2011.  Something Borrowed revolves around longtime friends Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Darcy (Kate Hudson), whose relationship gets complicated when Rachel has an affair with Darcy’s fiancée. As the wedding date nears, Rachel explores the meanings of Friendship, True Love and Ethics.

The Something Borrowed Clickcast widget is cool:

  • “Okay or Not Okay” Quiz! An exclusive quiz that measures your answers on the the gray areas of relationship issues against the rest of the country.
  • Emily Giffin Live! Take a look at the live Emily Giffin Clickcast August 11th at 7:00 p.m. CST on Facebook.
  • Preview the Something Borrowed trailer!  Check out the Something Borrowed trailer and see a sneak peek of the romantic comedy everyone is talking about!

How to win:

Answer this question: When you are in a relationship, where do you draw the line with friendships of the opposite sex? in the comments section of Family Brings Joy’s Facebook page.  {You can go straight to the Facebook page by clicking on the blue f button in the sidebar on the right under connect.}

Giveaway ends on midnight CST Friday, August 12, 2011.  Winner will be announced on Family Brings Joy’s Facebook Page on Saturday, August 12,2011.

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Many Things to Come

Didn’t get too much posting done last week.  Things are a whirlwind around here preparing for school.  It starts this Wednesday! {Scream!!!!}

However, today I will be offering a GIVEAWAY!

Yes, it means you have the opportunity to get something for FREE!

Come back later to see what it is. :)

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Tangled Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Elise for winning the signed Tangled movie poster and bonus.

Happy Monday,

Tangled Weekend Giveaway

I am very excited to offer a very special giveaway this weekend.

One winner will receive a hand signed Disney Tangled movie poster.

Flynn Ryder himself, Mr. Zachary Levi (aka Chuck), will personally hand sign a Tangled movie poster.

The winner will also receive a bonus surprise of either a Pascal Beanie Baby, T-shirt, or a Paper Lantern.

(one of the listed in addition to the poster)

My girls and I saw this movie at the theater on opening day during Thanksgiving.  I left Tangled with soggy eyes of happiness.  The movie is adventure filled with twists & turns, phenomenal scenery, funny characters, exceptional music and uplifting messages.  Disney always has a way of making me feel like a child again.  Ahhhh…sigh.  I told the girls it was now my favorite Disney movie. {I’m not just saying this because of this giveaway, seriously!  Believe me, I’m jealous of the winner}  This is saying a lot since there are so many Disney movies to love.

This promotion is to celebrate the DVD release of Tangled.  I bought our DVD/Blu-ray combo pack yesterday.  We watched it as a family last night.  I wondered if I would like it as well watching it the second time.  I’m not a big fan of watching movies over & over again.  But I knew instantly after watching it at the theater I wanted to see it again.  In the movie theater we watched it in 3D.  I was extremely pleased with the Blu-ray version.  The cinematography was just as beautiful as in 3D {and without wearing the tight fitting 3D glasses.}

My favorite parts about the movie {without giving too much away, in case you haven’t seen it}:

  1. Rapunzel shows great responsibility by doing chores FIRST every day.
  2. Rapunzel tries many different activities and practices her talents.
  3. Rapunzel has a dream, makes a plan, displays persistence /perseverance  to pursue her dream.
  4. Favorite song: “I See the Light”  Makes me melt. :)
  5. The floating lanterns!  Talk about romantic 😉
  6. Rapunzel’s parents never gave up hope.
  7. How many Disney movies portray short, brown haired girls…that’s all I’m going to say. {I love that part!}

The widget included in this post offers:

  • Tangled Talents ~ The Tangled widget will allow children of all ages to discover talents they might not have known they had.  Whether you are an aspiring artist, chef, or just feeling crafty, Rapunzel will lead the way as you find your own hidden abilities.
  • Decorating Tips by Designer Claire Keane ~ Claire Keane, daughter of Tangled director and animator Glen Keane, will share tips on how to decorate your room just like Rapunzel’s, including a time lapse video of Claire painting a mural.


* Tell me who your favorite character is and why.  If you have not seen the movie, watch the preview {watch on widget above} & choose from preview.

Giveaway ends Monday, April 11, 2011 at Midnight Central Standard Time

Winners will be chosen by and announced here on Monday, April 11, 2011

Disclosure: Compensation for this post is not provided for me in any way. The giveaway is for one lucky reader only. This movie review was written by me and are my own opinions.
Good Luck,

The 5th Quarter Winner

Thank you for participating in the giveaway for The 5th Quarter movie tickets.

Congratulations, Monica

I am excited to see The 5th Quarter.  I love inspirational movies about families.

Tragedy and trials are a part of life. It is extremely helpful whenever we can learn how others have persevered through those trials.  It brings hope and sometimes healing.  I am grateful to play a small part in helping promote a movie that facilitates this.

Favorite Posts

You Reap What You Sow

Thank You Friends

Family Theme Song

I appreciate your input immensely.

This helps me to know what YOU want.

Family Brings Joy is not about me “bragging” about my family.

{ This blog helps keep me be accountable to my priorities in life.}

Family Brings Joy is about connecting with other people who are passionate about their families.

I hope this is a safe place for you to come and be inspired to incorporate some of my ideas with your own family


share what you have done in your family.

Thank you,

Monday Movie Madness

I’m giving away two tickets to see The 5th Quarter!

The 5th Quarter is in theaters in select cities around the nation on March 25th. Based on a true story, The 5th Quarter carries a powerful message of triumphing over tragedy when two parents (Andie MacDowell & Aidan Quinn) and their surrounding community come together after a devastating car accident. After the tragic car crash takes the life of his younger brother Luke, Wake Forest’s football player Jon Abbate (Ryan Merriman) helps lead his team in their most successful season.

If you love inspirational sports stories and want to see a heart-warming film about having gratitude for life and overcoming obstacles, gather your family and friends to go see The 5th Quarter on Friday, March 25th.


I’m making this very easy to enter.

All you need to do is tell me

{in the comment section, click on link under title of this post}

what is your favorite post {title} on Family Brings Joy and why.

ONE DAY ONLY, Monday, March 21, 2011

Giveaway ends at midnight, central standard time, Tuesday March 22, 2011

Winner will be chosen by and announced here on Tuesday, March 22, 2011  The tickets are for a future date, not to see today.

Disclaimer: DBA West offered my readers a pair of movie tickets.  No other compensation was given.

Good Luck,