About Me


As a mother of 3 and Family Manager {aka stay at home Mom}  I have spent countless hours researching how to strengthen my family.  It has been my top priority.

“When families are built to be strong, joyful, and caring,

they become an anchor in a stormy sea,

a calm harbor where we feel safe and protected.” Lorle Campos


There are very small & simple things we can do, no matter your family’s shape or size, to build unity & joy.  I like to write about these here on my blog.  If you find something helpful I would love to hear about it.  I want to celebrate your success!

Did you see my phrase I added under the title of my blog, “and sometimes other emotions.”  I want to be realistic.  Sometimes family doesn’t bring joy.  Sometimes our family brings us feelings of frustration, irritation, discouragement, etc.  This is to be expected.  Therefore I reserve the right to write about those feelings as well.  I will, however, be focusing more on positive things we can do to create the kind of families we want to be a part of. 😉

As you know, there are many other things in life that bring us joy.  So, I like to write about those particular interests that make me happy.  These include (but are not limited to) Crafts, Music, Photography, Reading, Running and Blogs.

Come with me on a journey of creating joy in our lives…in our homes…in our families.

E-Mail: familybringsjoy{at}gmail{dot}com

It all begins & ends with family,