You Reap What You Sow

Today marks the first official day of Spring Break for my kids.

While many families are vacationing this week, we will be home planting a vegetable & fruit garden.  Last year we were blessed with many vacations.  Unfortunately, our children showed little gratitude and their behavior was less than desirable.  You didn’t think my children were perfect did you?

Planting a garden sounds boring.  However, it will be challenging to figure out how to do this on our sloped yard with grazing deer visitors.  I think I have already gotten myself in a conundrum.  {I can’t believe I was able to use that word in a sentence.}  The purpose of the garden is:  1.) To have our children do something outside, instead of watch TV all day. 2.) Teach them the value of work. 3.) Teach them about responsibility 4.) Enjoy the fresh produce all summer long.  Wish us luck!  {Good thing we will be planting during St. Patrick’s Day 😉 } I hope to be able to share photos of the garden at the end of the week.

Side note: Since my children will be home this week, I may not have the time to write as much on my blog as I would like. 🙁  I know total bummer!  I will try, but my family & children will always come first.

Happy Spring Break,

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