"What do you mean?"

Oh how I wish I would have written down the funny things my two oldest used to say when they were my youngster’s age. It would be awesome to have a book for all my kids with all the cute and funny things they say. I would organize it by age. (For all you new mom’s and if you still have young kids, you should do that. 🙂 )

Anyway, we were in the car and I asked A to stop doing something. For some reason she yelled, “No!” I was kind of in shock because it is very unlike her to say that. I taught her at a young age to not say that to me. The next thing that shocked me was hearing my Son say, “don’t talk to mom like that!” I started in on my ‘don’t talk back to mom’ speech and A looked at me puzzled and said in a very matter of fact, calm voice, “Mom, I don’t understand, we have to talk. What do you mean to not talk back to you?” I couldn’t help but bust out into laughter. All of us ended up laughing. She keeps life interesting for us all.

Enjoy family,

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