Vintage Bridal Shower Part Two

Tandy's Insant PhotobookWelcome back to the vintage themed bridal shower I helped host for my dear friend, Tandy.

Today I will feature all the goodies we served.  My other two sweet hostesses were the amazing chefs who made and prepared the food for the shower.  It was a good way to divide the tasks.  I was in charge of the invitations (which I will be sharing with you in a future post) and the decorations.

My Happy Helper

My Happy Helper

I must mention how grateful I am for my sweet 10 year old daughter who helped me clean the house before the party.  She mopped the kitchen, breakfast area, mudroom, laundry room, and 2 bathrooms for me.  I was so thankful for her being a happy helper.

The gorgeous book to the left is Tandy’s Instant Photo Book.  I asked her to bring it so we could have it out as decoration.  The book will soon be filled with photos from her beautiful wedding day.  I remember her telling me she bought it from a store on ETSY.  I have a feeling I will need to get the name of the shop…you want to know don’t you?

On to the treats!

Vintage Bridal Shower Refreshment Table

I was so excited to use the china my parents gave me along with platters and pretty formal serving pieces.  Don’t you just love the milk glass cake stand my Oma gave me?  I adore the holes for ribbon.  Not sure if the holes were intended for ribbon to be weaved through them or not, but I sure love dressing it up that way.  The cake almost didn’t make it.  The bottom tier was made with fresh strawberries while the top tier was made with fresh pineapple.  It was nice and moist (extremely delicious) which made it slide around during transit.  We were happy (and relieved) the cake made it here whole and together.

Vintage bridal shower cake

cake close up

Vintage Bridal Shower food table

fruit in waffle shell

The above chocolate dipped cones with fruit were a huge hit!  Brenda, one of the hostesses, is an art teacher (she was my oldest daughter’s art teacher.)  I’m thinking her skills came in handy, don’t you think?

chalkboard tags whipped cream

Tandy’s mom, Carri, the other hostess, made fresh whipped cream for the fruit. (above photo) {I added the chalkboard tag ;)}

veggies in bread

Look at how Brenda arranged the veggies above.  She hollowed out pieces of bread and carefully arranged the vegetables.  They are like little vases of colorful flowers.  I’m extremely impressed with her masterpiece below.  It’s practically a work of Van Gogh how she arranged the cheese and grapes with celery.

food like a sunflower

spinach dip in bread bowl

Carri made the yummy spinach dip above and served it in a bread bowl. {excuse the way the spoon is sticking out…my bad}

french macaroons

At the last minute I decided to order some French macaroons.  I’ve seen them served at showers on Pinterest.  We found a French bakery in Tulsa.  These little pastries made me gain 5 pounds! {Well, those and all the leftover cake left at my house.}  The macaroons are colorful, pretty and delicious bites from heaven.  Oh and a little warning…the blue ones made our teeth blue…so don’t look too closely at our teeth in pics.

macaroon close up

We also served sausage meatballs (thanks to Tandy’s Dad,) pinwheels (cream cheese & veggie concoction rolled up in tortilla) {bummed I didn’t get a pic of those}, salsa, crackers and veggie chips.  Carri made yummy raspberry lemonade to drink with all our treats.

other hosts

Carri & Brenda looking at Instant Photo Book

famous couples bridal shower gift

One of our creative friends made this for Tandy

bride to be and her mom

Carri & Tandy

the bride to be

Isn’t she a beautiful bride to be?

What a wonderful celebration of LOVE!  Thanks for coming by. 😀  Please come back again.  Follow Family Brings Joy on your favorite social media sites.  You can find me via the icons at the top right of the page for Facebook & Twitter.  My Pinterest and Instagram are also on the sidebar to the left.  As always, I thoroughly enjoy ALL comments.  Comments are a bloggers nourishment.  They help us keep writing and creating great content.

Showers bring joy,


  1. Beautiful table and food display. I love all the simple & cute twists like the bread for veggies and cones for fruit. This was obviously one amazing bridal shower — for décor to treats.

  2. So beautiful! Tandy is one lucky bride-to-be to have such talented friends. :)
    Which bakery did you use in Tulsa? I *must* try those macaroons (not the blue!).
    Looking forward to more posts.
    Lisa S. recently posted..St. Patty’s Swap

    • I used Antoinette Baking Company to purchase the macaroons from. They are super yummy! I need to find out how many calories are in those pastries. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me this sweet compliment. I’ve been extra busy this week working my new job as a Chloe & Isabel Jewelry Merchandiser. I plan to write all about it soon. Also having Internet issues since a bad storm blew through here. Can’t wait to read about your St. Patty’s Swap! See you there! :)

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