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I finally figured out how to retrieve the photos my husband took at the premier with his iphone. They aren’t the best quality. However, I am glad to have them! My best friend (you look good girl!), her husband, my oldest daughter, my husband and I went to see the movie together. The theater we were in held 400 people! It was a sold out showing.

This night was much anticipated for many months. Twilight, the book series, has strengthened relationships and created stronger bonds for me & the people in my life. I enjoyed talking about it with my best friend and then sharing it with many other friends. My personal copy has been read by two other friends besides my daughter and I. It is worn out. If I lived closer to my mom and sister, they would
have been able to borrow it also. Instead, they listened to my rantings and
decided to buy a copy themselves. In return, we have enjoyed many conversations texting and talking on the phone about Bella & Edward.

The one aspect I have cherished the most is the chance for my daughter and I to share our thoughts and feelings about the book. It has given us a chance to discuss topics that we may not have otherwise. It was fun to sit beside her and hear her comments. Honestly, I probably talked more than she did! We went again to see the movie Thursday (her second time, my third 🙂 ). This time I took her and my son. I think my son was feeling a little left out and wanted to see what his mom has been obsessing about so much. After the movie I said to him, “So, what did you think?” “It was pretty good!” he exclaimed.

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  1. miss ya!!!!!

  2. miss u too! 🙂

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