Treasure-Trove Thursday {Daughters}

This edition of Treasure-Trove Thursday was delayed due to preparation for Birthday & Baptism festivities held yesterday.

Since we celebrated my baby’s {meaning my youngest child} birthday yesterday, it is only natural for me to want to feature Daughters as my treasure.  I had excellent intentions of writing a post yesterday.  But if I had, I wouldn’t have been able to share these precious photos of her with you today. 🙂 {Trying to look at the positive side of things.}

Sheet cakes were few and far between at the store {no time for baking a cake these days} so I ended up buying two smaller ones.  My daughter likes chocolate cake and I like white cake.  So we had two cakes…one white and one chocolate.  It worked out well because we had one for the family party at the restaurant and one prettier one for the baptism.  Both were cut & shared with friends and family after the baptism service.  I dolled up the green one with real flower mums.  I LOVE the look of real flowers on a cake, so lovely, don’t you think? 😉

I just can’t imagine my life without any of my children.  This includes my youngest daughter.  I shared on Mother’s Day how I had a miscarriage between my Son {whom I am indeed grateful for & intend on featuring Sons as a treasure of mine in the future. :D} and the daughter I am referring to.  My first born was a girl as well, so I am blessed with 2 daughters.  After the miscarriage, my husband and I debated whether we should try again.  After something so tragic happens, you tend to wonder if it is a sign. {at least I did, maybe not everyone who experiences a miscarriage would.}  I wondered if this was a sign telling me to not to have another child.  I was completely heartbroken.  Usually, while you are grieving it is not the best time to make decisions.  The doctor told us how common miscarriages are.  Every one in three pregnancies end up miscarrying.  I had no idea.  Anyway, to make a long story short, we prayed and decided to try again as soon as we could.  The beautiful girl above is the miraculous result.  Sometimes when I consider how my life would be without her, my heart aches deep inside.  I simply can not imagine our family without her.

For as long as I can remember I have wanted a daughter.  Even when I was a little girl I thought about things I would say to her.  I wanted to share my experiences as a girl with her.  How grateful I am for the opportunity to do this with not just one daughter, but two!  Since their personalities are so different, it’s interesting how I find myself sharing different stories with each of them.  Having my own daughter has increased and strengthened my relationship with my own Mother as well.

In regards to my oldest daughter, I am very happy to report that she made the varsity color guard team!  Thank you to all who prayed on her behalf! It means so much to me! I walked up to the school and she sauntered out of the building so carefree.  One look on her face, the huge grin and I knew the results!  I was so happy to NOT see tears running down her face like the last two years, that in turn the tears were streaming down mine. Tears of joy and gratitude. Tears of seeing her receive the culmination of much perseverance and effort on her part. How very proud and pleased I am with her.

So celebrate Daughters with me today.  Take a moment, if you have been blessed with a daughter, and tell me about them.  I will end with a very sweet song from Martina McBride.

Love my girls,


  1. Beautiful pics! What a full and blessed day. I too had a miscarriage, between my first and second. It was shocking to learn how common they are. I had no idea. Since we only had Emily at the time, we did not struggle as much with trying again. Although we ended up with three years between her and Morgan. Well, and Bennett…he was a surprise blessing 🙂 My son is the one I did not expect or plan yet could not imagine if God had not intervened and gave him to us!
    My oldest Emily is a strong, intelligent, and caring girl that fills a room with her personality. We clash a lot, but I know she will use her strong-will in more positive ways as an adult (like as a lawyer :). My second daughter, Morgan (aka goose), is tender-hearted, sweet, and obedient. She can play by herself in her room for ours with just her toys and her imagination. She has been a true gift as well and although her thin skin brings lots of tears, she also feels harder for others.
    Thanks for writing and posting images from such a wonderful day. And I do love the flowers on the cakes, I would not thought of that!
    5 more days of school! What are you and the kids going to do this summer??? Potential post…and opportunity to give me some ideas 😉

    • What beautiful girls you have, Monica. Thank you for sharing and celebrating them! This school year has flown by, literally! Excellent post idea, my friend! 😉 Thank you! I will answer this question this week for you. Hope we can get together sometime during these last 5 days of ‘freedom.’

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