This is my life…

Okay, so EVERY TIME I decide to work on a project OR try to FINISH a project guess what happens?! I CAN’T find what I need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear there is something or someone who is playing a horribly CRUEL joke on me. I will put things in their ‘home.’ When I go to that ‘home’, it is not there! If anyone knows me well they know how this can tear me a part! I work diligently at trying to be organized just for the sole purpose that I don’t have to spend hours or days looking for something I need or want. And of course NO ONE has any idea where the stuff disappeared to!

Today I decided to make some cookies with my cookie press. It took me like half a day just to get the stinking dough made! This is how it went:

1.) Find Recipe…look through all my cook book stuff, no where to be found and not with the cookie press. Yes, it takes a certain cookie recipe for the press to work. So my youngest reminds me to look on the internetda dah du, yay I found it! Probably took about an hour to do this because my kids are home today for Fall Break. I thought us making cookies together would be a fun project to work on…yeah, right! Anyway, they needed this, they needed that, etc.

2.) Get out ingredients…we have everything except eggs since my Son used 7 eggs this morning to make his scrambled eggs. SO I run to Braum’s and grab some eggs. This took another hour!

By this time it was lunch time but the kids were great sensing their Mom was on the verge of exploding and they made their own sandwiches while I mixed the ingredients.

3.) Mixed ingredients and decided to add food coloring to make the dough orange. The cookies are going to be pumpkins. It took me about 15 minutes to find the stinkin food coloring! Finally found it and mixed it in.

Okay so I’m ready to press the dough in my awesome Pampered Chef Cookie Press. I think I have only used it once or twice since I bought it a few years back. Then my sweet daughter brings to my attention that there is a part missing for the cookie press. It’s not in the box with the rest of the parts…no, of course not! So here I am LOOKING for this ‘BOTTOM RING’ for over an hour in my kitchen. I have turned it upside down. The kitchen is now a COMPLETE DISASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s no where to be found.

I spent all this time making this dough to NOT be able to make my cookies! This brings me to tears. It’s a little embarrassing but, it’s not necessarily the cookies, it’s the fact that this crap happens to me ALL THE TIME! It get’s OLD…real old! It’s down right frustrating and depressing! I have wasted a day and have NOTHING to show for it except a messy kitchen. JOY, NOT!

This is my life,

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