Easy Flour Tortillas at Home

How to make homemade tasting flour tortillas at home!

Hope you enjoy my first vlog ever!


I am not promoting the brand mentioned in the video. (I was not paid to write this post)  It is the only brand of ready to cook tortillas where I live.  Just look for ones that say ready to cook on the package.  I have to thank my close friend Sheri {Thank you!} for introducing me to ready to cook flour tortillas.  A couple of years ago while visiting her she made these for me.  I will never go back to buying the ones already made {that go stale if you don’t eat them right away.}

  • I found the ready to cook tortillas used in the video in the refrigerated section by the cream cheese.  You might want to ask a store rep where they keep them at your local store.
  • If your grocery store doesn’t have any ready to cook tortillas, request them; and if they want your business, they will order them. 🙂
    • You don’t have to use an electric skillet.  You can use a pan on the stove as well.  I like that I can cook more than one at a time on the electric skillet.

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Anticipation for Breaking Dawn Soundtrack

My Brother has a production company. He made this cool video!

If you like it too, please like it on YouTube.

I could totally see Plain Jane Automobile on the Breaking Dawn Soundtrack!

This particular song, We Live In The Dark, goes so well.

Can’t wait for the soundtrack to come out. 🙂


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