Top 10 Reasons Why…

I’m excited my daughter is turning 16.

1. It’s sweet 16!  A monumental milestone in the life of a teenager.

My first born will be 16 on Saturday!  Where did the time go?

2. She can drive.

Well, I have to say, I’m stretching it a bit to say I’m excited about this one.  As a Mom {who has too many car accidents in her teenage history} I worry about her driving.  These days there are EXTRA things to worry about with teens driving.  There’s this little contraption called the CELL PHONE.  She says she will have it off while she is driving, but I know it won’t last I hope she does.  Too many people, not just teens have been in car accidents because of the cell phone {for talking and texting.}  Fortunately, she has to wait until November to obtain her full drivers license.  Until November she drives with her permit and I can coach her along while she is practicing.

3. She is a beautiful young lady.

4. Excited to see what’s in store for her.

This year she is a Junior in High School.  She is participating on the Varsity Color Guard Team.  It’s a year filled with college prep activities…scholarship applications, taking the ACT, etc.

5. I have looked forward to sharing this day with her.

When I was a teen I looked forward to sharing my daughters sweet 16 with her.  It’s a time to celebrate her life so far, including a photo shoot! 🙂

6. It’s a special day in the life of a teenager.Sweet 16 Invitation

7. I want her to be happy.

8. She will obtain a job and learn how to manage money.

My daughter will experience the process of having a job outside the home.  I did this growing up and I believe it is vital to the teaching of managing money.  She will be responsible for paying for her car insurance and gas money.

9. I can share stories of my 16th year with her.

I am grateful my daughter LIKES to hear about my teen years.  Most of the time she giggles and makes fun of me, but still we have fun talking about it.  You know, in my mind, it wasn’t that long ago. 😉

10. She can go on group dates.

In our family we have chosen to have our children wait to until they turn 16 to date.  Even so, she must go on a group date with other couples.  Group dates are less likely to end up doing things we would rather her not participate in at this age.  Honestly, I don’t see her dating any time soon because most boys don’t measure up to the high standard she has set…Nick Jonas.  My sweet daughter has had a crush on Nick Jonas for a few years now.  Bless her heart.  I completely approve of this crush.  Nick Jonas is a talented, nice looking young man with good morals from our home state of Texas.  However, he is a famous pop star.  I try not to shatter her dream of them meeting and he falling madly in love with her.  It’s completely normal to have this sort of crush.  I used to have a crush on Ricky Schroeder.  Eventually she will realize, just as I did, that it’s not very realistic and will realize there are plenty of suitable guys out there for her.

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