Absolutely Awesome New Twilight Trailer!

Holy cow!!!!! They came out with a final movie trailer for Twilight. It was released today and I am on cloud nine! I love this trailer so much more than the others! It shows more of Edward and Bella’s relationship…even a kiss! Ahhhhhh!!!! It is going to be sooooo good! I can’t wait…it is getting closer to the actual release day but it can’t seem to come soon enough!

I am currently re-reading Eclipse now. I have shared my “obsession” of Twilight with my Sister and Mom. They both felt the same way as I did…so I am not alone! Huh! One of my soon to be neighbor’s saw me wearing my shirt and I went on and on about how she had to read it. I saw her yesterday and she is reading Eclipse now. She said she is totally obsessed and hasn’t read a book in years. It was funny hearing her tell me how her husband is in shock about her reading all the time. Her husband and mine could start a support group! 🙂 SERIOUSLY!

Anyway, it has been fun having something to look forward to (the movie) in regards to these Twilight characters since finishing the books. I have missed them. These books have brought me so much joy. I am so glad I overlooked my notion of not liking vampires to read Twilight. I still don’t like the old mythical notions of vampires. I really only like Stephenie Meyer’s vampires. There are so many good things about them. Okay, I’ll let up for now…I won’t continue droning on. I am just so siked about this new trailer…this movie might be super close to reading the book!

One last thing, how could I forget or not mention this…the soundtrack music titles have been released!!!!!!! You can see each song and band that will be on the soundtrack on www.stepheniemeyer.com. There is a link under my favorite websites to the right. You can even listen to one of Paramore’s tracks written just for the movie! This is awesome news for Twilight Fans!

Gotta love it,

Dreaming of Vampires

Another funny thing my youngest told me this week. She has nightmares quite a bit. 🙁 Unfortunately this has been going on for about 2 years or longer. Almost every other night she ends up in our bed because she is scared from a dream. Every once in a while we will ask her what she is dreaming of. Her most common replies are bugs & monsters. There is a new subject of her dreams…yes, you guessed it vampires! I asked her the other day what she was dreaming about and she said vampires. I said, “I wonder why you are dreaming of them?” A exclaims, “because Mom, I hear you talk about those books to Sissy!”

They tell it like it is, don’t they!

Since I am on the subject of vampires…

I set my DVR to record Ellen today. Stephenie Meyer was to appear on the show. I sat down to watch it tonight and was disappointed. Ellen only asked Stephenie about 3 or 4 questions and that was it! It was maybe only about 3 minutes long! Oh well, I am excited about her exposure. I am surprised when I wear my Twilight T-shirt and someone asks me what Twilight is. I just naturally think that everyone knows what Twilight is now. I am happy to share my enthusiasm with them. One lady told me I was a good sales person! I don’t have to be a good salesperson to share something I love with someone. Although, I know it is indeed easier to sell something I love.