Grandparent’s LOVE – A Valentine’s Day Mantel

Valentines Mantel 2013

As usual it’s been a work in progress.  Meaning I finally added the finishing touch yesterday.

I’d like to call this “Grandparent’s LOVE.”  I decided to add photos of our grandparents in the window frames to feature them.  This is a great opportunity for family history discussion within our family.  Two couples represented are my grandparents.  One couple is my husband’s grandparents.  The other two couples are my great grandparents. {Just for the record, I’m not playing favorites. 😉 I found these photos quickly and they were the right size to fit on the heart doily} The legacy of enduring love exudes from these grandparents.

Great Grandparents

I am blessed to have one of these grandmother’s living in Arkansas looking and acting as young as ever.  I am grateful our children are able to spend time with her.  There’s nothing like the love of a grandma.  We love you so much Oma!

Valentine Mantel collage1

I also wanted to feature some of my kids previous handmade gifts of love.  My son made the clay heart with the arrow going through it years ago.  My youngest daughter made the clay heart inside the small lantern.  I think it’s important to display items our kids have made us.  This shows them how grateful we are for their works of art, but also encourages their creativity.  I’d much rather have a handmade gift than a store bought gift from them.

I found the 2 free printables on Pinterest.  You can find them on my Valentine’s Day Pinterest board.  I added them to frames I had on hand.  The heart photo album is the one I have blogged about in the past.  And of course you can see my Stringed Heart Sculpture I just blogged about in the previous post.

Valentines Mantel collage2

I added the wood “You are the…” board I gave my husband as an anniversary gift one year.  The Generosity board I purchased in the past and felt it went with the theme. {I’m also trying to teach this concept to my family. ;)}  Last, but certainly not least, is the Christus I glazed at a church activity around 18 years ago.  Christ is the epitome of LOVE.  He almost always is on my mantel, if not there, then somewhere in our living room where I can see him.  The only money spent on this mantel was for the heart doilies and supplies for the Stringed Heart Sculpture.  It’s so much fun shopping from home and using what I already have.  You should try it.

Celebrating enduring love,

Simple & Cute Homemade Valentines!

It’s a really good thing I looked at my youngest daughter’s school calendar yesterday.  Her class is having her Valentine’s Day party Friday.  Since I will be in South Carolina for my half marathon I realized we needed to finish up her Valentines we made for her classmates and teachers.  My camera is on the fritz so I had to use my iPhone camera to take these photos.  Sorry they aren’t the best.

I had left over candy canes from Christmas and decided to make these heart Valentines using those.  The idea came from Family Fun several years back.  I usually don’t have left over candy canes, so I was excited to be able to make these candy cane hearts.  I let my 8 year old use the glue gun to help adhere them to the paper.  Super easy!  Unfortunately, I only had enough candy canes to make 9 of those cards.  We decided we needed to make some other Valentines since there are 25 in her class.

We made a few of the “Guess who loves you!” with the owl stamp, but it was a tad bit difficult to get the holes punched for the googly eyes.  So just a few kids will receive those.

The rest of the kids will receive the cute “You make my heart GLOW!” Valentines I got from the talented The Teacher Wife.  After printing Lindsey’s {The Teacher Wife} very cute heart labels.  All you do is tape them on a glow stick bracelet.  Again, easy and cheap.  I bought the bracelets in a package of 5 at Wal Mart for $1.  I only needed 12.  Three packages of 5 gave me 15.  My Daughter was glad there were 3 left over for her. 😉  {Thank you Lindsey!}

I fell in love with Design Aglow‘s idea of using the strawberry Crush bottles.  This was a perfect gift to hand out to the teachers!  I put my spin on it {didn’t have the time to do the photos} and made the labels you see.  I matted my label onto some red card stock.  Next, I pulled out my decorative scissors and used them to cut around the edges.  Used a regular hole punch to slide the ribbon through and tie on to the bottles.  Simple, but cute as can be!  I am sharing my labels with you, in case you want to do this.  Click HERE to download my version of the Crush Labels.

Time to pack for my trip to South Carolina…

Happy Valentine making,