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I have heard some of you are unable to see all the pictures in the timeline I created. I am very sorry and have made this special slideshow to take it’s place. After clicking play, a new window will appear and the slideshow will begin. To go to the next picture, you will need to click the “next” button. The pictures will not automatically change. Make sure you click on “Full Screen” at the beginning to see the pictures better.

I appreciate all the visits from friends and family. Please comment so I know you were here…in other words, so I know I am loved 🙂 I am so enjoying all of your blogs and e-mails! If this is your first time to visit, continue to read our “Holiday Newsletter” in the post after next.

Happiness to you,


Merry Christmas Friends & Family!

Okay, so I sent my Christmas cards out yesterday. Today I realized some of you might receive yours today. I promised a timeline. I only have half of it done right now. It is taking longer than I would like due to my very ancient and slow computer! It is already late after a long day so I will try to finish it tomorrow and add a brief update about everyone. So come back again later and hopefully I will have it here! 🙂

Until then,