Is Time Management For Teens An Oxymoron?

My Step-Brother’s Dog

You know the saying,

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

I was contemplating something this morning and thought about asking for feedback on Family Brings Joy’s Facebook page.

Once I decided to do this, I began forming the question in my mind.

I resolved the question might be better suited if I asked it in a blog post.

Here’s the question:

Is it too late to teach my Senior in High School

better time management skills?

You see, bless my Daughter’s heart, she inherited my inattentive Attention Deficit Disorder.

I have been trying to help with her busy school schedule/homework, preparing for ACT, prepare for a church program {called Personal Progress,} keep up with Color Guard and prepare for college applications.  When I say help I mean it usually consists of me asking, “Are you doing your homework?”  “Are you studying for the ACT?” “Are you doing your Personal Progress?”  I feel like a nag and by the tone of her voice replies she thinks of it as nagging.

She will take her 2nd ACT test this Saturday.  She is taking it as many times as she can so she can get the best score.  We had a little ‘run in’ this weekend.  This consisted of withholding her from an extracurricular activity with friends at the lake so she could use that time to study for the ACT.  Needless to say, this didn’t go over well.

I have purchased a planner/calendar for her and a book on organizing your time specifically for teens.  There are a few other things I’ve done that I plan on sharing with you at a later date.  We are trying to manage the ADD without putting her on meds.  I do take medicine to manage my ADD.  It has been a blessing from God because it helps me tremendously.

This is hard to articulate.  When I see my Daughter’s habits, I see me when I was her age.  Now at 42, I’ve had years {& medicine, counseling etc.} to get where I am today in regards to managing my time.  I have definitely not perfected time management at all, but I am much better than I used to be.

Side note: My 17 year old gets up on her own every morning at 5:00am so she can be at Seminary {a church scripture study class} by 5:45am.  She then goes straight to school for Color Guard practice for Marching Band.  I think it begins at 7:00am.  Next is school from 8-3.  She may not be exactly punctual to Seminary, but I am very proud of her dedication.  This is a very full and demanding day.

HOW can I help her without being a nag?  Here’s the deal…when I go to her room to check on her…9 times out of 10 she is on her iPhone.  Her iPhone/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Internet/Texting/Facetime is a HUGE time suck for her.  Any other parents out there dealing with this?  If I take her phone away, her reaction is as though I have ripped her heart out.  She then proceeds to tell me {in so many words} how she can’t possibly study now that she’s angry with me about taking her phone away.  {By the way, DH gave her his old iPhone when I was at Blissdom Blog Conference.  I am avidly against her having the iPhone.}  Next thing I know, she is working on a report or project the night before it’s due.

I guess I haven’t been a good enough teacher in regards to time management with my kids.  Is it too late now?  Should I just leave her alone and hope for the best?

I am curious to what you think.  However, I will preface this with, please go easy on me, okay?  Wisdom and counsel is what I’m seeking, not massive amounts of criticism.  Besides, I have 2 other kids still.  If I don’t do it right with her I believe there’s still hope for the other two.

Mom on a Mission,