When Pins Go Wrong

Yesterday was a day of Follow Me on Pinterest trials for me.

Do you try out the ideas you pin on Pinterest?  I do!

There is a wealth of valuable information on Pinterest.  However, sometimes what works for one person, does not work for another.  That’s okay, though.  Life is all about trial and error.  It’s how we learn.

Today I thought I would share a pin I tried out yesterday.

Will Not Use Again


I was so excited to try this home remedy for cleaning my shower.  It’s a very popular pin and has been repinned many times.  I deducted the cleaning solution must work well because of it’s popularity.  I’m also a big fan of Dawn and use it as my dish soap of choice.

Take a look at all the praise from the comments written under this pin:

Actual Pin:


My Results

If I knew before hand I was going to write about this experience, I would have taken a BEFORE photo.  To be honest, it looked about the same, but maybe a little less white.

Here is what my shower looks like now after I let the solution soak for two hours, then wiped it down with a rag, a mop and rinsed several times:

Based on the results, I’m not a fan of this.  I’m really bummed because I haven’t found a shower/bathroom cleaner I really like.

If you have white tile with white grout or no tile…you might like this solution, but for my shower it obviously doesn’t work.

I think it looks worse.  I hope I didn’t ruin my tile grout. 🙁

Tomorrow, I will share one of the many pins that has WORKED for me.

For now, just keeping things real. 😉

Back to the drawing board,