The week has ended

We all made it through the week without any HUGE disasters at the home front. Thank you for all your prayers. They helped….I know!

On Tuesday we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by making green blueberry muffins. I saw the yummy fresh blueberries at the store and decided I should make these muffins. I used a recipe off the Internet with Bisquick as an ingredient. They were a success by the kids but needed a little more sugar for me. 🙂

Don’t know if it was the luckiest day for me, though. My computer “crashed.” I worked all day long trying to get the stupid thing to boot up long enough for me to troubleshoot the problem. Fortunately, we have a very good friend who works on computers as a hobby. He figured out the problem and I got it back today…HOORAY!!! Thank you again, Scott. You are a lifesaver! I use my computer so much. I listen to it for music through Rhapsody, I blog, e-mail, shop, etc. I am so glad to have it back.

So we witnessed this week the installation of our granite counter tops in the bathrooms, tile on the bathroom floors & master shower and the building of hubby’s garage “workshop.” Just today we popped in to find our bricklayer laying the stone on our fireplace & finishing the brick work around the kitchen. (See slide show below) Our sub contractors did not take a Spring Break. We are very grateful.
Happy Sunday,