Calling all Readers & Crafters!

Do you like to read books?

Do you like to craft, scrapbook, journal?

I found the coolest project on one of the coolest new sites My Craft Channel. {Yes, I said coolest twice}

My Craft Channel is wonderful!  It’s a new site and has some of my favorite people, including iheartfaces and Stacy Julian from Big Picture Classes, who offer free crafting & photography videos.

I found some more awesome people, Angie & Wendy, on My Craft Channel from Ella Publishing {Their site is AMAZING, btw}.  It was their Episode 5 video titled Book Themed Circle Journal I am referring to as the coolest project including books and crafting.

Angie & Wendy asked 10 women who like to read & craft to journal their favorite books of the year 2009.  You can see their video by clicking here. {Can’t embed video, sorry!}

Here's one person's layout (ignore play symbol, photo only)

Screenshot of the video, photo only

The closest thing I have ever done to this idea is when I made my 10×10 Twilight themed ABC scrapbook. {No Twilight hate comments, please}

I totally want to make one of these Book Themed Circle Journals!

Who else would like to make a really cool book that includes your top 10 favorite books of 2011?

We will be set on what to read for 2012!

If you are interested, let me know in the comments section and I will send you an email about the particulars.

I have to share one more photo of someone’s journal page using book covers to make a pennant…genuis!

Photo only

P.S. :  Angie & Wendy promote, but I use  No compensation was given for the writing of this post.

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Where Have I Been?

You may wonder since I haven’t posted much lately. I am almost done re-reading New Moon. I love it way more the second time around and hope to enjoy the movie way more (yeah, I know repetitious, sorry!) by not re-reading it right before the release. So here I am (in the photo, not literally right now) at the water park reading in the pool. It really is a great way to read and get a tan. Unfortunately, I’m not much tanner! We started a tradition by going to the small water park only an hour away from us on DH’s birthday. We have done it two years in a row now and the kids love it. My youngest wasn’t happy about going to Red Lobster for dinner afterwards because, “I don’t like Lobster.” After explaining they served more than lobster, she was fine. She calls it the “cheese biscuit place” now. =) Gotta love their biscuits!

The next reason would be the horrible back pain I have been experiencing. The Chiropractor says it is a pulled joint in the lower left portion of my back. Mom, I truly understand how horrible you have been feeling, it is awful! You don’t realize how much you need that part of your back to not hurt until it does. I can’t believe how much I must use that part because I can barely do anything without it bothering me. It began a week and a half ago. I think I pulled it lifting something or reaching for something while unpacking etc. I can’t believe it has lasted this long! The Doc assured me it will get better eventually. I hope sooner rather than later! Mom I sympathize for you!

This past weekend I was able to do something I love and haven’t had a chance to do in a very long time. A friend of mine here invited me to a weekend scrapbook retreat (to a small town about an hour away). DH was on call so he arranged for my in-laws to have some grandchildren time with the kids. Thanks M & D! Their Uncle visited and I know they had a grand time. Thanks Mark! Anyway, I haven’t scrap booked in a VERY LONG TIME! Most of my stuff was in storage while we were in the last house. (Yeah, I know you don’t feel too sorry for me – wink) I had so much fun! It was a much needed break for me. A break to just be me and enjoy being creative with others who share that love also. Not only that, I am able to preserve precious memories by doing so. I am our family historian, ya know! 🙂 I got to know my friend who invited me better and made new friends too. My life ALWAYS has room for more friends!

Speaking of friends, I was able to meet my close friend’s sister. We had talked through our blogs, facebook and on the phone. We finally got to meet in person! I enjoyed our time together Sara & Amy. 🙂

Now I am preparing for our vacation to Missouri. I am looking forward to seeing some of our Church History Sites and taking my oldest to see The Jonas Brothers in concert. We got FLOOR seats! When we return it will be time to prepare for school. Our starts August 12th! It is on that day that the REAL unpacking begins for me 🙂

Hope this finds everyone enjoying their sun filled days and beautiful sunset nights!