Running Motivation Techniques

Daughter running her first 5K {on right}

So far it has been a good week because I ran on Monday and today! Yippee! Last week I only ran once. 🙁 Booooo. I hate when I do that because it is so difficult to get back into the groove. I had to walk beginning at a mile and a half {3 miles total.}  Anyway, while running I decided to write about what helps motivate me to keep running. I’m not referring to what motivates me to actually go running. I’m talking about when I am in the middle of a run…hoping it might help someone else.

First of all, If you are a beginner runner or a walker considering to run, please remember to buy running shoes fitted to your feet. {You can read more about this here.} There are other things to consider with running…clothing, food/fuel, stretching, etc. I will have to write about those another day.

Back to motivation…here are my best motivation techniques:

  • walk until the next tree or some sort of land mark
  • walk until the current song is over
  • walk until the part of the song picks up pace
  • keep running until I pass the people ahead of me
  • keep running until the song is over
  • run down hill, walk up hill
  • tell myself, “it’s okay to run slower.”
  • tell myself, “you have run a marathon, you can finish this one mile.”
  • tell myself I will stop and stretch after the mile is over

Love this shot 😀

Most of long distance running is mental.  Like the old saying goes, “Mind over body/matter.”  Whenever I begin to feel like my body is struggling while I run, I tell myself “walk for a bit.”  Honestly, I hate walking.  If I’m going to exercise I want to get it over with and walking is just not fast enough for me.  But when I am working to get back into shape {like I am now}, I have to give myself a break.  This protects me from injury.  Sometimes I feel like I can’t run the rest of my mile, so I will tell myself to walk the rest of the way.  Funny thing is, I don’t end up walking the rest of the mile.  I walk a little and then a favorite upbeat song will come on my ipod and the next thing I know I’m running again.  I have written about music motivating me before.  {You can read more about that here.}

Whenever I run a half marathon {or my one and only marathon} I always walk during the water stops…great strategy to keep going.

Hope these techniques might help keep you going on your next run. 😀
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This is what I have been preparing for this week. Too tired to write much. Lots of photos. If you ran, you might be in this slide show 😉

Run On,

Results of 3rd Half Marathon

OK…so it has taken me a few days to recover from one of the hilliest courses I have ever run on! I may be in more pain after this half than my full marathon I ran back in 2005. Anyway, I did finish. Here are my stats:

    • 2 Hours 32 Minutes and 33 seconds
    • Pace: 11:33 minute mile

    Honestly, I am surprised I did this good despite it being my slowest time yet. My goal was 2:30 so I barely made it.

    Thank you to all my family and friends who wished me luck, prayed for me, and texted “Congrats” after finishing. My heavenly cheerleaders were there also: Grandma & Grandpa S., Judy B., Aunt Bea, and others who I have ran for in the past with Team in Training. I wouldn’t be able to do it without them. At times when I would feel so tired and wanted to quit, I would hear in my mind my heavenly cheerleaders shouting, “come on Shan, you can do it!” You can think it is crazy if you want, but I can hear them in each of their voices. I think it is God’s way of helping me persevere. It always helps to have personal cheerleaders when you need them the most!

    If you ever questioned it before, now you will know how devoted a Twilight fan (twilighter) I am. I decided I would pin “TWILIGHTER” on my running shirt. My hopes were to find other Twilighters to talk about the books with during the run. Instead of that happening, I would hear from the spectators, “Go Twilight!” “Keep going Twilighter,” “I love your shirt!” That was totally awesome! I will post a picture of my shirt.

    Keep running your own race in life,


    Our realtor says…

    “It’s time to put this house on the market.” I exclaim to my kids this week after picking them up from school. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” My oldest shrieks out in dread. It doesn’t help her feel any better when I tell her, “nobody hates this more than I do.” I spent the last almost two years NOT “keeping house” due to the grueling 6 months of having our last house on the market. My poor children know the foul mood it will put their mother in.

    We were hoping we would not have to put it on the market before our new house was finished. Unfortunately, the economy has gone to pot, not helping the housing market at all! Deep down I knew it was unrealistic to think we could afford to move in not having our current home sold. Anyway, the tension is mounting and the stress doubling.

    It is both a help and a hinder training for a half marathon right now. It has to be why I am not feeling like I am going to explode at any minute (emotional sanity), although my kids might disagree with that statement. We all have our moments, don’t we? The hinder is the time issue. Last week I ran 3 miles on Monday, 5 miles on Wednesday and 8 miles on Thursday. I am not the fastest runner, therefore it takes time. For me, time is so precious these days. There is so much to do that my mind is swimming with to do lists. Our family tends to lend to the “homebody” type and all this “running” around to look at this and that (for the house) is beginning to tax on me…on all of us. I am grateful the race/run is next weekend. I pray that I will have no injuries. It has been good to take a “break” (while running) from all the pressure of making sure I pick out just the right thing so that we don’t have to replace it in the near future. As much as I love the latest decorating trends, being the practical person I am, I tend to gravitate toward the more classic looks so as not to have to update in 5 to 10 years.

    My mind is not wanting to comprehend all that will be required of me now. We will have to get another storage room to put all our excess clutter in in order to “stage” our home properly. We have moved enough times to know what to do and it is not easy nor fun. But I guess when it is all over, when the current house is sold and we are in our new “dream” home, it will be worth it. That will have to be what I focus on while scrubbing, cleaning, picking up; basically making my home look as though there are not any children living it. Please pray that it will sell quickly.

    Signing off,