Nothing Backwards About This Day…Just Reality

Hey there.

It’s me.

Yes, I’m still here.

I know it’s been a while.

I’ve got the doldrums.  It’s not a full on depression episode…thankfully.  Hopefully it’s not the beginning of one.  I had such a good beginning to 2013 last year, yet it ended up being probably one of the worst years of my life.  So maybe this year it will be the opposite…since it’s starting out kind of crummy maybe it will end up being good.  A girl must hope.

Really the only reason I know last January was good is due to a new app I happened upon. {Thanks Sara!}  It’s called Timehop. (I’m not getting paid to advertise this app.)

Wait a minute…

I need to take a little time to rant, so if you don’t want to hear it, skip the next paragraph.

Can I  just tell you how much I hate that I’m supposed to state every time I mention a company whether they are paying me to write something or not?!  I hate blogging has come to this.  Honestly, as I have mentioned before, even though I have tried a bit of affiliate marketing {based on what I value and think my readers would value only} it has brought in absolutely nothing in the way of monetary value for me.  As a matter of fact, the last company I worked with for affiliate marketing sent me an email recently telling me my account is going into dormancy mode due to inactivity.  Well, OK.  I might be destined to be a purist {a blogger who has no ads on their blog} for life when it comes to blogging.

Back to Timehop…it’s like having an online scrapbook or journal.  Each day it sends me posts from this exact day up to 4 years ago from all my social networking sites.  I have enjoyed seeing what I wrote, how I was feeling {if I shared that, as you might imagine, I do that from time to time} and the pictures I shared.  This is how I know what I did last January.  I organized my closet {which is back to being a t-TOTAL mess,} participated in a craft swap, visited my Dad, had a date with my husband.

It’s not fun comparing my year ago me to my present me.  People say we should be happy no matter how productive we are…well I say to those people…take a walk in my shoes.  It’s not fun having ADD.  Most days I WANT to be productive, yet it’s like there’s a barrier that keeps me from doing so.  Besides, it is important to not be idle.  Think about the questions we receive from our family and friends: What did you do today?  What have you been up to?  We are measured by what we do.  If we go to college, we are more likely to be considered more valuable in the job market than if we don’t go to college.  I could go on and on, but I don’t want to.  It’s starting to get me too agitated.

I worked on cleaning my craft room for a little while this morning and then got overwhelmed and stopped.  Oh my goodness I have to stop writing now.  This is quite a miserable little blog post.  I probably shouldn’t post it, but since I haven’t posted in a while, I will.

I’ll be ok.  Life certainly could be a lot worse.

One of those days,

Moms Can Rant some…

Getting sick never comes at the best time, huh?

Came down with an ear infection on Friday and I’m wondering if I might not have the flu {yes, I had a flu shot a couple of months ago} along with it.

I have been in bed all weekend. :/

DH was very sympathetic on Friday.  He even gave me a card & a bag of Goldfish. {Which I haven’t eaten in a LONG time due to Operation Get Fit}

Saturday, the sympathy was waning and by yesterday was pretty much gone.

Warning: the whining is coming.

The plight of a Mother not having sick days. {Oh well, life is not fair.}

I was hoping the antibiotics would be kicking in by now and I would be back to normal.  No such luck. 🙁

This is where my flu hypothesis comes in.  The only other time I have felt this bad is when I had a kidney infection and the flu.

Friday morning I woke up very nauseous, but I had to push it aside.  This Mom was taking her first born to get her driver’s license.  Fortunately, she passed her test and she could drive me home and herself to school.



Here she is driving off to school BY HERSELF 🙁

Since I haven’t been able to clean the house and finish up Christmas decorating, I finally had to call off a Christmas party that was supposed to be held at our home on Tuesday. 🙁 {I’m really sorry, I would much rather be rushing around trying to get my house finished up for a party than feeling dizzy, achy & sore.}

The party won’t be cancelled entirely, they will have it at the church.  Boy is that a good thing, because my house is an even bigger mess than it was Friday! {scream}

I think my family thinks when Mom is sick, they can take a big vacation from doing anything around the house.  Why of course, because the one who is reminding them is in bed.

I was kind of hoping some of the Hallmark movies they’ve been watching would rub off on them.  Ya know, the one’s where the kids feel sorry for Mom being sick so they clean up the house for her.  No such luck.  However, DH mentioned how many loads off dishes he had done over the weekend.  Believe me, I am grateful, however there is still more sitting on the counter to be done.  You’d think about this time the fam would recognize all the work I do around here; instead of wishing I would quit whining about being sick.  Instead, I realize how much they don’t care that the house is a wreck.  I want to go on strike, but what good would that do.  It would only spin me into a deep depression.

On a lighter note, this morning I woke up to white flakes falling from the sky.

As I was driving my youngest to school this morning we heard the radio D.J. say, “Be careful this morning.  There is rain covering most of the country today except for snow in Oklahoma & Texas.”  My 8 year old remarked, “Thanks for mentioning us!” back to the D.J.  She knows how to make me smile, that girl. 🙂 {small miracle}

Last but not least, my Father is in surgery this morning.  Please keep him and his surgeon in your prayers.  He is having a radiation seed implanted for his prostate cancer.  It has a 95% success rate.  Do you know anyone who has successfully overcome prostate cancer this way?

My Dad with his guitar this summer

There. Ranting is done { for now 😉 },