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Halloween Mantel

Happy Halloween from our family to yours!

Stay safe,

Saucy Costumes & Friendly Patches

Like Mother, like Daughter…

Great ideas often come at the last minute.  Friday my oldest informed me she was going to a Birthday Halloween party on Saturday.  She asked if she could invite a friend over to make their costumes after she finished taking the ACT.  They decided to make these Taco Bell sauce packets out of T-Shirts.  Needless to say, it took the remaining time between the ACT and her party to make them.  They had some snafus along the way, but they persevered and turned out super cute.

Family night yesterday was filled with our yearly Halloween tradition… a visit to a local pumpkin patch.  We barely made it there before the sun went down to take these photos.

Something made this visit a little more special than usual {besides it being the last Halloween with my oldest living at home.}  The pumpkin patch was a fundraiser to help a family adopt a child from Korea.  The family was there eating dinner together.  I was happy to help them in their endeavor while buying pumpkins for our kiddos.

The following photo is proof I was there since I’m not in any of the above photos. 😉


Family Traditions Bring Joy,