Five Pins You Want On Your Pinboard

I think Pinterest is an awesome way to bookmark ideas we love.

5 genius pins I've used and recommend from

Today I wanted to share 5 pins I have actually used and would recommend.  They happen to be pinned on my Genius pinboard.  Once you see the pins you will realize why I used that title.


1. Being the creative person I am, I fell in love with using washi tape on our phone chargers.  This way we know whose charger belongs to who and it looks pretty dang cute too!


2. A thermostat on the wall is not very pleasing to the eye.  I didn’t use a hinged canvas like you see below, but I did put a wooden sign over an ugly security system pad…looks much better.

hiding your thermostat

3. The next pin is how to remove all writing off plastic containers to then use as storage or gift containers.  If you have finger nail polish remover in your house or acetone, you’re in business.  Put some on a rag and the writing rubs right off.  It works my friends!

remove writing

4. Now that I have such short hair I don’t need my straightener anymore…at least not for my hair.  My straightener has found a permanent home in my craft room.  It is absolutely the perfect way to iron wrinkled ribbon.  I love to use ribbon for home decor, scrapbooking, crafting and wrapping gifts.  It makes ironing ribbon a snap!

hair straightener

5. If you have been visiting Family Brings Joy for a while now, then you know how much I use blue painters tape.  I use it for so many things but I was delighted to find the following pin.  It has made hanging up those certain frames with the holes in the back a cinch to hang.  Use your tape to put in between the 2 holes.  Then take the tape off the frame and stick it to your wall.  I usually use a level on the tape so I know it will be level.  Then hammer your nails on the ends of the tape.  Pull off the tape and voila you are ready to hang your frame.  It has made my life so much easier!

tape hanging photos

Great Ideas Bring Joy,

Pinterest Pin Success!

Yesterday I shared what I called “A Pin Gone Wrong.”

Today is a pin gone right. {yes, I am well aware this is not proper English ;)}

Here’s the Follow Me on Pinterest Pin:

The sweet and talented Kira from Her New Leaf wrote a wonderful tutorial on how to “Primp Your Facebook.”  She went one step further and added FREE Custom Facebook Tabs.  Thanks to Kira I have successfully primped Family Brings Joy’s Facebook Page.


What do you think?

Happy to share this pin success with you.

Now, go primp your Facebook Page. 😉

*Photos featured on
Family Brings Joy’s Facebook page
were taken by Blue Lily Photography.

The Simple Things Bring Joy,

When Pins Go Wrong

Yesterday was a day of Follow Me on Pinterest trials for me.

Do you try out the ideas you pin on Pinterest?  I do!

There is a wealth of valuable information on Pinterest.  However, sometimes what works for one person, does not work for another.  That’s okay, though.  Life is all about trial and error.  It’s how we learn.

Today I thought I would share a pin I tried out yesterday.

Will Not Use Again


I was so excited to try this home remedy for cleaning my shower.  It’s a very popular pin and has been repinned many times.  I deducted the cleaning solution must work well because of it’s popularity.  I’m also a big fan of Dawn and use it as my dish soap of choice.

Take a look at all the praise from the comments written under this pin:

Actual Pin:


My Results

If I knew before hand I was going to write about this experience, I would have taken a BEFORE photo.  To be honest, it looked about the same, but maybe a little less white.

Here is what my shower looks like now after I let the solution soak for two hours, then wiped it down with a rag, a mop and rinsed several times:

Based on the results, I’m not a fan of this.  I’m really bummed because I haven’t found a shower/bathroom cleaner I really like.

If you have white tile with white grout or no tile…you might like this solution, but for my shower it obviously doesn’t work.

I think it looks worse.  I hope I didn’t ruin my tile grout. 🙁

Tomorrow, I will share one of the many pins that has WORKED for me.

For now, just keeping things real. 😉

Back to the drawing board,

Just Because

Parent’s Promise

24 weeks ago I found this gem:

Parent’s Promise by Graphic Designer Joel Felix.

I wrote Joel and asked him if he was selling this beauty of a graphic.

I really wanted to hang it in my home.

He wrote back and said he was working on preparing {see video at end of post} the silkscreen print and he would let me know when they were available for purchase.

As soon as I received his email I purchased a copy.

It was only $20.

Source: via Shan@ on Pinterest



Isn’t it awesome!!!  It’s so true.  I wanted to have it displayed in our home where my kids could be reminded of this on a daily basis.  It is in our dining area/breakfast area where we eat the majority of our meals.  I remember hearing them read it out loud for the first time after hanging it on the wall.  My Son shouts, “You’re going to stalk me?” lol  Honestly, they probably won’t really ‘get’ it until they are parents themselves.


















Let me give you a heads up…the print size is 23″x6″.

You will not find a frame to fit the print exactly unless you have one custom made.  I didn’t want to spend custom made money.

Instead, I went to Hobby Lobby when their frames were 50% off and found this one.  It measures 31″x13″.  It has a cream mat for three 5×7 photos.  At the store, I took out the print and placed it over the 3 matted section and it covered it perfectly.  Voila!  Framed print for a fraction of what it would have cost me to have it custom framed.



















Mine is 79/200 {hard to see the penciled 79/200 at the bottom from the photo}

Don’t worry, according to his website today, you can still order your very own copy of Parent’s Promise.

Disclaimer: Joel did not pay me to write this post. { He is welcome to after being inundated with orders if he would like. 😉 }

Parents Promise Silkscreen Prints from Kenji Enos on Vimeo.

Parents ROCK,